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urgent, volunteers to help Label GMOS + Fresh Choice has lots of veg salads

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  • sunny outdoors
    Just got word that the American Medical Assocation might fight against labeling GMOS, this is unbelieveable.. here s a forwarded post Dear Volunteers, Please
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2012
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      Just got word that the American Medical Assocation might fight against labeling GMOS, this is unbelieveable..

      here's a forwarded post

      Dear Volunteers,

      Please join this webinar after our meeting next Monday, June 4th, especially if you have interest in reaching out to healthcare practitioners. Note that Liz lives about 2 miles away, so anyone not able to get home in time after the meeting is welcome to come over to her house for the webinar.

      Please, do join us for both if you are able!

      Liz and Frank
      We will be discussing the importance of getting more volunteers, endorsements, Ning and reaching out to the healthcare practitioners!  
              Thank you,   
              Pamm, Stacey and Rachel 

      A note from Pamm Larry~

      Hi To All Leaders And Volunteers:

      We'll be having an "Relighting The Fire" Webinar for all volunteers on June 4, 8PM.  

      I feel a lethargy around the state, folks.  We need to find ways to rekindle our fire.  If we don't, we'll lose.  It's as simple as that.  

      I know you are tired. I'm not asking anything of any of you that I've not been willing to do myself. I've volunteered at least 80 hours a week since January, 2011.  I'm constantly on the road, don't remember how to have fun and I'm committed to this lifestyle until November 7.  Why? Because I know what's going on. The opposition is building up their forces and are on the move.  If we don't get over our lethargy and get out there getting the support we know is out there this is over before it even gets voted on.

      This is the fun part of the campaign---we get to reach out, educate and claim our support, then find others to do the same.  We get to name and proclaim ourselves as not being willing to back down to large corporate interests that want to keep their profit margins at the expense of the will of the people. Please folks...hear me: we only have 24 more weeks left. If I sound kinda frantic, it's because I am.

      I am not asking you to give up your life to this like I have. I AM asking you to get out there and find folks to educate and endorse this campaign. It doesn't take much.  With our combined efforts...heck..I might even get a half day off here and there.

      Aren't a few hours a week of your time worth labeling?  All eyes are on California.  If this fails, the future of our food sovereignty is screwed.

      Please come on this webinar. Please reconnect with your local leaders and get your groups activated to get an organized strategy for your local endorsements and outreach. Please help us. 

      Looking forward to you joining us on the webinar

      Fresh Choice

      I asked for at least one vegan soup and they're listening

      it's really too bad they closed a few restaurants..

      they are very vegetarian friendly...

      sign, Sunny
      farm fishing is bad in many ways


      and there's not enough wild salmon to go around....
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