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I'm a volunteer at SF Animal CAre and Control and here's the update

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  • sunny outdoors
    free adoption fees coming soon! read below == There s a lot of action at ACC... First up - animals adopted....Thank you to all who helped make these happen!!!
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2012
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      free adoption fees coming soon!

      read below


      There's a lot of action at ACC...

      First up - animals adopted....Thank you to all who helped make these

      Dogs: Elvis & Sato went back to their owner (redeemed), Sato, Yuka,
      Sweetie, Tilda, Kerry, Soda, Milo, Princess, Spanky, Kiki, Clyde (SPCA),
      Kelly (SPCA), Bobby, Papa, Rosie, Maude, Playful, Ms.Bently (Pets
      Unlimited), Apple, Pear, Sidney, Banana & Prince.

      Cats: Griffin (SPCA), Purrciful (SPCA), Paige, Finnegan, Huckleberry,
      Maxamillion, Delilah, Goldie, Tryson, Peebles, Stephan, Comet, Mr.Missy,
      Cressie, Newman, Paul, Emu, Cookie, Jackie, Tiger, Tulip, Luni and Moms.

      Small Animals: Harriet (Guinea Pig), Ronda (Guinea Pig), Cinnamon (Finch),
      Nutmeg (Finch), Kiki (Guinea Pig), Lovely (king pigeon) MickaCoo, Fluffy
      (Guinea Pig), JR (Lizard), Ash (Guinea Pig), Peggy (Chicken), Skittle
      (Guinea Pig), Piglet (Guinea Pig), Sasha (Hamster), Sophia (Hamster),
      Tennessee (Guinea Pig), Marlowe (Parakeet), Vega (Parakeet), Vega (Snake),
      Pablo (Snake) - Rescue, Moonbeam (King Pigeon), Snowflower (King Pigeon).

      Thanks to everyone who voted in the Popchips contest - we are finalists!

      Upcoming events....

      1) Health & Wellness Fair at the SF Zoo: May 26, 27 & 28. TACC willl have a
      table at the SF Zoo for the long weekend, selling merchandise to raise
      funds and raising awareness about ACC.

      2) The Whole Enchihuahua: Saturday, June 2 at Dolores Park from 12 to 4.
      Will be tabling and showcasing
      our adoptable Chihuahuas. 


      3) Maddie's Matchmaker Adoptathon: Saturday & Sunday, June 9 & 10th. This
      is a BIGGIE. It's an event that covers three counties - Alameda, Contra
      Costa and San Francisco, with more than 60 shelters and rescue
      organizations participating.
       The rescues, along
      with pet product vendors, will be setting up booths at the fair - and The
      Friends of ACC are arranging lots of fun (and educational) activities for

      The Maddie's fund - an Alameda-based foundation, will be reimbursing
      participating rescues and shelters $500 to $2000 per animal adopted as a
      way of saying thank you for all of the hard work involved with saving
      animals' lives. All participating rescues and shelters will be adopting
      animals to the public (qualified adopters) for free. We are still following
      our regular screening process - and will be making sure that the animals
      will find good homes. The reimbursements are only for dogs and cats, but we
      are also adopting out our small animals to qualified adopters at no charge
      in keeping with the spirit of the event.
      do not forward this to other list,

      ok to rewrite it in your own words

      sign, Sunny
      farm fishing is bad in many ways


      and there's not enough wild salmon to go around....
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