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Last Call at the Oasis May 4!

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  • Dixie Mahy
    LAST CALL AT THE OASIS May 4 ... LAST CALL AT THE OASIS May 4 From: Tia Campbell Peterson Subject: Join us for the release of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2012

      From: Tia Campbell Peterson <tiacampbellpeterson@...>

      Subject: Join us for the release of Last Call at the Oasis May 4!  San Francisco Vegetarian Society

      Hi Dixie,
      With the release of Last Call at the Oasis coming up this Friday, May 4, we're doing another big push in social media this week to spread the word about the film's opening. We'd love it if you can share the posts below (or adapt them as you see fit) on your Twitter and Facebook pages.
      Also, please see below information on ticket and theater locations, which we'd appreciate your sharing with your network.
      Thank you for your support!




      Tia Campbell Peterson
      Last Call at the Oasis

      Here is the link to the Q&A's for the weekend:

      1) Our #water is OUR problem. @LastCallOasis empowers you to solve it. RT if you’re in. @LastCallOasis 5/4 in theaters. http://on.fb.me/LastCallTrailer

      2) What turns farmers & fishermen into politicians & activists? Short answer: #WATER. Long answer: @LastCallOasis on 5/4 http://on.fb.me/LastCallTrailer 

      3) Save your #water, save your community. RT if you're ready to fight with @ErinBrockovich1 - @LastCallOasis out on 5/4 http://on.fb.me/LastCallTrailer

      4) RT if you believe clean #Water is a right, not a privilege. Watch @LastCallOasis on 5.4! http://on.fb.me/LastCallTrailer


      1) "We just always think, 'That never can be me.' ... it ALREADY IS YOU." - Erin Brockovich

      Water is a problem. In the USA. Finding a solution starts with knowing the problem.
      The solution starts NOW – watch and share the trailer for @Last Call at the Oasis http://on.fb.me/LastCallTrailer
      2) Widespread Atrazine contamination. Compounding droughts in the California delta. No regulation on fracking chemicals. Sick children. Fractured farming. Broken communities.
      This is our country. And this is our last call.
      ANSWER IT. May 4th. See @Last Call at the Oasis  http://on.fb.me/LastCallTrailer
      Get the facts about what's happening to your water, and let's get down to business.


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