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Re: [SFVeg] Is That a Banana in your Pocket . . ?

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  • Arvind Kumar
    And I thought my partner and I were the only gay vegetarian males. Glad to see an egroup forming ... - Arvind San Jose ... From: George
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 18, 2006
      And I thought my partner and I were the only gay vegetarian males. Glad to
      see an egroup forming ...

      - Arvind
      San Jose

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      Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2006 9:01 AM
      Subject: [SFVeg] Is That a Banana in your Pocket . . ?

      Hello, this is George Hubbard - I've been a long-time member of SF Veg
      community and
      an ethical vegan for a number of years. I'm recently single and getting back
      into dating
      and as a gay man with a vegan life choice I've been struck by how seemingly
      small the
      numbers of local, available veg gay men seem to be. In the past I have
      helped out tabling
      at the SF Gay Pride Celebration and it seemed like there was a lot of
      interest - and, all
      told, mostly very positive responses. Yet it does seem that to actually find
      connections requires a lot of time and energy, which I am of course willing
      to do as I'd
      really like to be dating veg oriented men, if at all possible.

      So, toward that end this is to announce that I've started a new Yahoo!
      group: GVM - Gay
      Veg Male. Not necessarily meant to compete or replace the other Green/Veg
      singles pages
      on the 'net - but meant to be specifically for Gay Veg men and Free. It does
      seem to me
      that it's a numbers game and the more one puts it out there the better the
      chances are of
      finding a compatible someone.

      The purpose of this Yahoo! group is to provide a means for gay male vegs
      and vegans) to post their contact information as well as announcements
      regarding local
      events such as potlucks, movie nights, restaurant treks, hikes and such.

      Members are encouraged to post regularly on the general topic of
      as well. And, men that are Veg curious are also welcome.

      The basic requirement for membership in this group will be to post a
      personal profile, a
      non-sexual picture and a recipe.

      If any of you have thoughts or suggestions as to how this endeavor can be
      improved upon
      as well as where else I might post this announcement I'd love to hear it!

      Check It Out at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gayvegmale/

      Thanks for reading & Happy Trails!

      George Hubbard

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