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Permaculture and the Arts Design Course!

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  • sunny_outdoors
    This is where a lot of new vegetarians are showing up. They eat veg organic foods, love the environmental and care about animals. Enclosed is a course that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2006
      This is where a lot of new vegetarians are showing up.

      They eat veg organic foods, love the environmental and care about animals.

      Enclosed is a course that includes ONLY veg or raw foods. That means all
      Meat Eaters are forced to eat all veggies at this extensive workshop. It is
      also where they realize vegetarian foods are tasty and can give them

      I know a lot of Permaculture vegetarians. They are busy doing local and out
      of town projects that they don't hang out with our local vegetarian groups.

      They are healthy, active and best of all, level headed vegetarians. You
      don't believe how many "dingy" vegetarians I've encountered at vegetarian
      events. I think we are extreme one way or another but some are more extreme
      than others.

      I really enjoy being with these Permaculture people. I finally feel very
      connect with a lot these folks. A lot of them made a lot of long lasting
      impression with me.

      I just can't believe how much they have accomplished not for themselves, but
      for the community. They are way ahead in terms of thinking. IN the near
      future, more people will realize the "best" way to live in this world.



      Hello out there,

      Please read below or the attached flyer to hear about this course. If you
      want, please forward, print, post, and/or help get the word out. And, of
      course, join us if you can!

      Wendy Breiby, Jenny Pell, and The Wilder Institute


      The Wilder Institute, Next Generation Permaculture presents:

      Permaculture and the Arts Design Intensive

      Where: Frogwood Retreat Center, Northern California

      When: May 23- June 6, 2006

      What: Join us for a creative 14-day arts and hands-on intensive! 112 hr
      certificated permaculture design course with daily art classes, movement,
      yoga & theatre.

      Who: Permaculture Teachers: Joel Glanzberg and Jenny Pell

      with Byron Delvin Gelin, Jamie Mulligan Smith, &
      Wendy Breiby

      Visionary Artists: Mariela de la Paz and Nemo

      Movement and Yoga: Nala Walla and Michael Suzerris

      Raw Food Chef: Bruce Horowitz of the Sun Kitchen

      Cost: $1,450 - includes delicious vegetarian and raw foods made from a
      mix of local cuisine & farm-fresh foods, accommodations in cabins nestled in
      the Redwoods, full use of Frogwood Lodge, hot tub, & trails

      Deadline to apply: April 25th, 2006 $100 discount if paid in full by April

      $350 non-refundable deposit required. Space limited to 25 students.

      For complete details visit our website

      <http://www.permaculturenow.com/> www.permaculturenow.com

      or contact:

      Byron Delvin Gelin:
      delvin@... or (604) 307-5566

      Wendy Breiby:
      wendy@... or (503) 298-4871.

      PERMACULTURE: design principles & methodologies . reading landscapes,
      mapping, & site analysis local self-reliance . alternative economic systems
      . plant propagation & seed saving . indigenous cultivation, traditions &
      practices perennial polycultures & developing

      food forests . energy conservation & renewable energy sources . ecosystem
      restoration / bioremediation . hydrology & aquaculture . forest management &
      agroforestry . natural building & ecovillage design . urban permaculture
      strategies . whole systems theory and ecoliteracy . herbs & medicinal plants

      ARTS: painting . drawing . mandala gardens . yoga . "body ecology" -
      contact dance, authentic movement, playback theater, ritual poetry .
      patterns in nature . sacred geometry . trellising and garden art . weaving .

      Permaculture is an ethical design system for creating human environments
      that are ecologically sound & economically viable. It integrates innovative
      science into the conscious development of cultivated ecosystems that have
      the diversity, stability, & resilience of natural ecosystems.

      <http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/tsmileys2/01.gif> Amor de Mama


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