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Throw a Party, Make a Whale of a Difference

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  • Nick
    Dear Enviro, Here is the latest from Greenpeace s anti-whaling campaign. * ... * As you read this, Greenpeace ships are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2006
      Dear Enviro,
      Here is the latest from Greenpeace's anti-whaling campaign.
      >> Register now for a whale-watching house party<<

      As you read this, Greenpeace ships are in a stand-off with the Japanese
      whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean, and we've prevented the whalers
      from making a kill
      <http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/news/new-year-brings-new-life-for-w> in
      eight consecutive days.

      This winter, nearly 1000 whales -- many of them endangered -- may be
      killed under the guise of "scientific research". Most of these whales
      will end up on grocery store shelves in Japan. Gorton's, the company
      that supplies /your/ grocery store with frozen fish fillets, is now a
      wholly owned subsidiary of the largest Japanese whaling conglomerate.
      That's why Greenpeace is running a campaign
      <http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/campaigns/oceans/whales> to get Gorton's
      to reel in their parent company and put an end to whaling once and for all.

      Our ships will continue to hinder their efforts at sea as long as they
      can, but we need your help here at home.

      On *January 27th* join friends in your community for a *whale-watching
      party*: watch brand-new *video footage* of Greenpeace ships confronting
      the Japanese whaling fleet, and join a national *conference call* with
      campaigners on the ship.

      How will a party help save whales? Because the more people we can
      educate about the whaling industry, the safer the whales will be.

      We'll send you all the party favors in advance: a *free whale-watching
      kit*, with fact sheets, stickers, postcards and video footage fresh from
      the high seas. Invite friends and neighbors to watch our Greenpeace
      ships confront the Japanese whaling fleet. We'll answer any questions
      you have about the campaign, and then we'll make a plan together to get
      THOUSANDS of postcards to Gorton's signed at grocery stores across the

      Register to host a party today
      <http://www.partylaunch.com/greenpeace>. If you want to be a part of
      the fun but can't host your own party, click here to RSVP for one in
      your area <http://www.partylaunch.com/greenpeace/findparty/index.cfm>.

      Thanks for your help,

      Beka and Nick
      Oceans Campaign
      Greenpeace USA

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