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"Be Pet Prepared" A Workshop for disaster pet-preparedness-Wednesday!

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  • Paris Harvey
    Santa Clara county Activists For Animals Presents: Title: Be Pet Prepared A Workshop for disaster pet-preparedness Date: Wednesday March 7, 2012 Time:
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      Title:"Be Pet Prepared" A Workshop for disaster pet-preparedness
      Date:Wednesday March 7, 2012
      Time:7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
      Location:Milpitas Public Library Auditorium 1400 Main St.
      Notes:We have lots of disasters in the Bay Area—earthquakes, fires, and floods. If you share your home with companion animals, are you ready to meet their needs in a disaster as well as your own? Come and find out more about how to be prepared when the unexpected happens. Take home a list of supplies you’ll need for your animal disaster kit, and see demonstrations of some useful techniques for taking care of your animals in a disaster. You’ll also find out how to volunteer as a disaster responder for animals.

      Our own Lisa Towell will be our speaker:
      Lisa Towell is a trained animal disaster responder. She has been deployed to help dogs and cats in disasters in three different states. She has also worked with Humane Society Silicon Valley and Santa Clara County to improve our local plans for helping animals in the event of a disaster. She lives with two cats, and has an emergency kit filled with cat supplies all ready to go.

      Please RSVP to make sure we have enough literature and handouts for everyone! paris: allmiracles2@...
      Please do not call the library
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