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Dr. Greger's new vol. 8 Latest in Nutrition DVD (all proceeds to charity)

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  • drgreger
    I m excited to announce that yet another new volume of my Latest in Human Nutrition DVD series is now available at humanesociety.org/nutrition (all proceeds go
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2012
      I'm excited to announce that yet another new volume of my Latest in Human Nutrition DVD series is now available at humanesociety.org/nutrition
      (all proceeds go to The Humane Society of the United States).

      Normally, I come out with just one volume a year, but to fulfill my
      promise of uploading a new video every weekday year-round to
      NutritionFacts.org I've had to step it up! As usual, I've try to scour the world's scholarly
      literature on clinical nutrition for the most interesting, practical,
      and groundbreaking science published over the last 12 months on how
      best to feed ourselves and our families to prevent, treat, and even
      reverse chronic disease.

      Here's the chapter listing for volume 8:

      1. Is there anything kale can't do?
      2. Smoking versus kale
      3. Smoking versus broccoli
      4. From stem to stern
      5. From broccoli to breast
      6. Liver toxicity due to broccoli juice?
      7. How much broccoli is too much?
      8. The best detox
      9. Sometimes the enzyme myth is true
      10. Have broccoli, won't travel
      11. Biggest nutrition bang for the buck
      12. The dangers of broccoli?
      13. Raw broccoli and bladder cancer survival
      14. Breast cancer survival, butterfat, and chicken
      15. Breast cancer survival and trans fat
      16. Breast cancer survival and lignan intake
      17. Flax and fecal flora
      18. Breast cancer survival and soy
      19. Coffee and cancer
      20. What about the caffeine?
      21. Vegetarians versus healthy omnivores
      22. EPIC findings on lymphoma
      23. Dioxins, viruses, or antibiotics?
      24. Poultry and penis cancer
      25. Carcinogenic retrovirus found in eggs
      26. Poultry exposure and neurological disease
      27. Poultry and paralysis
      28. Cross-contamination risks
      29. Meat-borne infection risk from shopping carts
      30. A treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome
      31. Cholesterol and female sexual dysfunction
      32. Cholesterol and lower back pain
      33. Watermelon as treatment for erectile dysfunction
      34. The safer cinnamon
      35. Raw veggies versus cooked for heart disease
      36. The fruit whose juice is healthier
      37. Preventing COPD with diet
      38. Treating COPD with diet
      39. Eating healthy on the cheap
      40. When meat can be a lifesaver
      41. Creatine brain fuel supplementation
      42. Cheese mites and maggots
      43. Cow's milk-induced infant apnea
      44. Cow's milk casomorphin and crib death
      45. Cow's milk casomorphin and autism
      46. National Dairy Council on acne and milk
      47. Skim milk and acne
      48. The acne-promoting effects of milk
      49. Apples and oranges: dietary diversity
      50. Garden variety anti-inflammation
      51. Preventing macular degeneration with diet
      52. How to see 27 miles farther
      53. Preventing cataracts with diet

      To watch all my older videos (from volumes 1-7) for free, go to:

      Since my last email, the highest rated videos have been Better Than
      Green Tea?, which compared the antioxidant content of popular
      beverages: nutritionfacts.org/videos/better-than-green-tea/
      and Doping With Beet Juice, the first of a 17-part series on the
      performance-enhancing effects of vegetables that extends into next
      week: nutritionfacts.org/videos/doping-with-beet-juice/

      And my most popular blog posting was Amla: Indian Gooseberries vs.
      Cancer, Diabetes, and Cholesterol, a summary of my videos about a
      fruit with 200 times the antioxidant power of blueberries (though is
      less expensive):

      If you haven't yet, please get connected and stay in touch, so you
      don't miss a day:

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      And please help me spread the word by sharing videos with your
      friends and family.

      In health,
      -Michael Greger, M.D.

      Director, Public Health and Animal Agriculture
      Humane Society of the United States | Humane Society International | Humane Society Institute of Science and Policy
      2100 L St., N.W. | Washington, DC 20037 | t (301) 721-6461 | f (202) 676-2372
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