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Label GMOs Volunteer Opportunities

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  • Dixie Mahy
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29 3:33 AM
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      From: "Liz Kroboth and Frank Plughoff, Label GMOs SF" <labelgmossf@...>

      To: Dixie Mahy <dixiemahy@...>
      Subject: Label GMOs Volunteer Opportunities

      Hi Dixie,

      As a quick update, we've gotten over 3,000 signatures for this ballot initiative here in SF in the past 10 days. A few people signing mentioned they were on the Veg Society list, so thanks for spreading the word. We have a number of opportunities coming up in the next week for people to volunteer to help us get signatures, and we really do need help in order to keep up the momentum - I'm including a list of opportunities below. Anyone who wants to help should email us at LabelGMOsSF@....

      Thursday, Mar 1:
      6pm-8:30pm: Bi-Rite Grocery
      6pm-7pm: Green Film Fest Opening Night
      6pm-9pm: Lower Polk Art Walk and Food Trucks

      Saturday, Mar 3:
      8am-10am OR 10am-12pm: Alemany Farmers Market
      9:30am-12:30pm: Ocean Beach Clean-Up
      2pm-5pm: Haight, SOMA, or Franklin Whole Foods

      Sunday, Mar 4:
      9am-12pm OR 12pm-3pm: Heart of the City Farmers Market
      10am-1pm: 9th & Irving Intersection + Inner Sunset Farmers Market
      12:30-3pm OR 4:30-7pm: Green Film Fest

      Monday, Mar 5:
      3pm-6pm: Noe, Haight, SOMA, or Franklin Whole Foods
      5pm-8pm: Real Foods Co - Fillmore
      6:45-7:45pm: Green Film Fest

      Tuesday, Mar 6:
      7pm-8pm: Green Film Fest

      Wednesday, Mar 6:
      11am-2pm: Heart of the City Farmers Market
      3pm-6pm: Noe, Haight, SOMA, or Franklin Whole Foods
      6:45pm-7:30pm: Green Film Fest

      Thank you!

      Liz Kroboth, San Francisco Regional Co-Coordinator
      Frank Plughoff, San Francisco Regional Co-Coordinator
      Label GMOs: Its Our Right To Know- An Initiative For The 2012 CA Ballot

      Please "Like" us on Facebook: on.fb.me/LabelGMOsSF
      Please follow us on Twitter: Label_GMOs_SF

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