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Meet and hear Kirt Tyson from "Simply Raw" live in SF at the Rawality Program Commencement-Transition Celebration!

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  • Michael Bedar
    We re delighted that for the first time ever, *Kirt Tyson, ND, speaks in the San Francisco Bay Area,* *live and in-person at the Rawality Program Completion
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2012
      We're delighted that for the first time ever,

      Kirt Tyson, ND, speaks in the San Francisco Bay Area, live and in-person at the Rawality Program Completion Celebration for Round 1!

      Sunday, Feb 5, 4:30-6:30 pm
      The Happiness Institute
      The Big Occasion?  We are celebrating the Rawality Program's participants' 30th day of live-food self-healing and transformation, the day of transitioning to lifelong holistic well-being.  Dr. Kirt Tyson is the perfect fit as the Commencement Speaker!
      Who is Kirt Tyson, ND?  Dr. Tyson's unique story relates directly to the story of the Rawality Program.  Tyson was diagnosed initially with type 2 diabetes, and later type 1 diabetes in 2005.  He was taking insulin and was actually told to expect to get an insulin pump. Yet, he turned the direction of his life dramatically when he participate in the healing and live-food lifestyle program shown in the documentary, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days After getting off all insulin and medication and returning to his natural healthy state, Dr. Tyson enrolled in Naturopathic Medical School, and graduated in 2011.  He is now a practicing naturopathic doctor in Arizona, and an author-to-be.
      Dr. Tyson will be in San Francisco for only a few hours between flights to give a talk to the Rawality Participants and the public about the important aspects of maintaining their 30-day live-food and healing success throughout their lifetimes.  It is a gift from the Divine that Dr. Kirt Tyson will be able to join us between his busy practice and writing schedule.  He says that he is honored and inspired to connect with the Rawality Program!

      You Are Invited
      Rawality invites you to hear and meet Kirt Tyson in person at the Commencement-Transition Celebration of the Rawality Participants as he shares wisdom on maintaining a healthy, healing body and mind for months, years, and a lifetime ahead for the Rawality Participants.  We are gathering at the Happiness Institute.  There is no cost to attend, but we require an RSVP to help us with the planning.  Please RSVP now and we'll email you with more details.

      If you have seen the documentary film, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days , you remember Kirt Tyson.
      Meet Dr. Kirt Tyson now!  And check back in with the Rawality Team.  Continue the Love.
      Support the Round 1 Rawality Participants!

      (Seating is finite)

      Meet Dr. Kirt Tyson, ND, from Simply Raw (Healed his Diabetes) at the Rawality Completion Celebration - The Rawality Team and special guest, Dr. Kirt Tyson

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