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Whale Slaughter in YOUR Shopping Cart?

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  • Nick
    Dear Student Activists, I thought you would be interested in hearing about this action! I grew up watching the Gorton s fisherman commercials, and listening to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      Dear Student Activists,
      I thought you would be interested in hearing about this action!

      I grew up watching the Gorton's fisherman commercials, and listening to
      the jingle, "Trust the Gorton's fisherman." You don't even want to know
      how many fish sticks I ate during my childhood. But today, I know I
      CAN'T trust the Gorton's fisherman, because he's been supporting whale
      slaughter since 2001.

      Gorton's of Gloucester is now a wholly owned subsidiary of a Japanese
      whaling company. Each year, Gorton's parent company kills hundreds of
      whales in the name of "scientific research," thanks to a loophole in the
      international ban on commercial whaling. In just the last 4 years they
      have killed more than 2700 whales. This year it has announced plans to
      double the number of whales it kills, including the endangered fin
      whale, and next year it plans to slaughter endangered humpback whales too.

      Take Action! Tell Gorton's to reel in its Japanese parent company and
      help put an end to whale slaughter.

      Greenpeace and the Humane Society have teamed up to urge Gorton's to use
      their influence to put an end to Japanese whaling. The international
      community condemns the practice of whaling, and the demand for whale
      meat has been decreasing over the years. The industry is afloat because
      of large government subsidies, market interference, and the influence of
      large international conglomerates like Gorton's parent company.

      As one of the largest seafood products companies in the U.S. with an
      annual sales turnover in the hundreds of millions of dollars, Gorton's
      is in a powerful position to save whales. You can too -- take action
      today at


      John Hocevar
      Oceans Campaigner, Greenpeace USA

      P.S. My friend Nathan is onboard the /Esperanza/ right now, helping to
      protect whales from Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean. Please
      *support our efforts <http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/campaigns/oceans>*
      to protect these gentle giants, and read more about Nathan's experiences
      on his blog

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