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I'm promoting: free veg entrees on Steve Job's birthday

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  • sunny outdoors
    on Feb 24 is Steve Job s birthday, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Jobs  I m trying to get a few restaurants to give one FREE VEG entree with a purchase of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2012
      on Feb 24 is Steve Job's birthday,


       I'm trying to get a few restaurants to give one FREE VEG entree with a purchase of another

      Wish me luck

      I don't eat out a lot, but I do try to arrange veg outings as often as possible.   Everyone knows I do this cause I want to support the veg restaurants.  If we don't help our veg restaurants, we'll end up with mostly McDonalds as the main eating establishment.  (this is true in many major cities, that's one reason why Obesity is a problem now)

      Here are some of the things I've done recently to promote veg restaurants.  Every small step is a big step:
      (hope my suggestions are helpful and hope you can give it a try too)

      Arranged a catered meal for parties/work.   It can be a small side $80 entree rather than a $800 catered dinner.   You'll be amazed, just leaving the restaurant menu next to the delicious "veggie chow mein", people will go back to the restaurant to buy MORE.  ( I don't have to post the menu, people will ask me where did I order the veg entree)

      Besides word of mouth reviews, I post reviews at YELP, etc.. to do restaurant reviews.

      I just helped/finished a restaurant  video/advertisement,that mentioned how great veg entrees are.

      I am in charge of a restaurant/advertisement, I make sure their veg dishes are prominently promoted.

      Currently, I'm offering to do a veg dining out for a political fundraiser dinner and for a North Bay Community..

      For those who know me.  I'm not looking to be in  the limelight or a big pat in the back.  I want to do this to save animals and for people to eat healthy.  Animals don't need to suffer.  I know too many people suffering from poor health due to eating meat.

      This is my personal opinion.  

      I don't want to use my energy to protest against Whole Foods selling produce from China/selling GMO foods, or picket Korea for eating dogs.

      If there is NO demand for meat, there's no need for protest.

      I think the biggest protest we should do is protest the Americans for eating billions of animals/cows.  Cows are sacred to the Hindi/Hindu Culture.   We are insulting them.

      Why protest Korea?  when Americans are the biggest "lousers"

      different subject

      Whole Foods is not perfect.   I think the only thing better is growing your own food, farmer's market and Trader Joes.

      However, the other 100,000 stores is worse than Whole Foods, like SAfeway etc...

      these are my opinion and sorry if I insult anyone.  Yes, us vegetarians are sensitive people, that's why we care so much about animals, what we eat and etc..
      sign, Sunny
      Cafe Gratitude will close Jan 2012, let's tell the owners to find another way out.  For those who are suing, go into arbitration.  Many years of hard work by workers wasted.  No more lawsuits.
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