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Vegetarians in Paradise

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  • DJ Brook
    Rested and relaxed from our vacation, we returned to Vegparadise to discover that we had almost 9900
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2011

      Rested and relaxed from our vacation, we returned to Vegparadise to discover that we had almost 9900 subscribers. We hope you were not alarmed by not receiving our letter in September. We hope this email will entice you to visit with us--to actually click on this link for a sample of the tasty tidbits on the stove, on the table, on the bookshelf, or on what's new in the vegan scene in Los Angeles and the big wide world.

      We continue to spread the welcome mat to all that enter Vegparadise, especially those in 198 countries around the world who have dropped in to become members of the VIP Family.

      We encourage you to continue writing to us with comments and excellent suggestions that have helped us grow and expand our offerings.

      But now it's time to soar with the VIP birds to see what we're tweeting about. If any of the following teasers awaken your curiosity, you'll definitely enjoy browsing our unique website with its humongous Recipe Index, Book Reviews, Fascinating Vegan Happenings, and so, so much more. Here are this month's exciting chirps:

      Ignore the Spiders on the Goblin Paté but devour the Black Widow Pie as you digest some Halloween ideas.

      Cook with Zel to put pizzazz into your holiday feast.

      Read more about the Kaiser physician who grills burgers. This time he pushes high-fat, high-sodium recipes.

      Got the Facts on Milk? that your mother never told you.

      Did you know your taxes are subsidizing junk food that makes you fat?

      What to do with a soft "tomater." Yer Aunt Nettie has some delicious advice.

      Going to Seed takes on a fresh and tasty meaning.

      Honor Dr. Hans Diehl as he receives the 24 Carrot Award.

      Eavesdrop as Zel shares her secrets with an LA Examiner journalist.

      Take a trip to the Land of Oz to discover some confusing food myths.

      Come up to Speed in vegan cooking by reading the secrets of a remarkable chef.

      Participate in poaching that's not only legal, but also luscious.

      Tune in when your child wants to go veg.

      To soak or not to soak your nuts--that's a knotty nutty question.

      Journey to squash heaven in Los Feliz Village.

      Savor and discover at Healthy Taste of LA2.

      Healthy Lifestyle Expo is a life-changing experience.

      Hitch a rideJoin with the dietitian as she trips across the U.S.

      VIP editor has Gone Vegan for the Holidays and makes herstory.

      Check out our refurbished Recipe Index with over 1000 entries.

      Examine our newly updated VegParadise Bookshelf that's bulging with new editions and additions.

      Spread the word about Meatless Monday: an initiative we should all support.

      To learn more about any of the above stories or to access any of our nearly 1000 pages, Click Here.

      Be sure to follow Vegetarians in Paradise on Twitter and Facebook.

      Health and Joy,

      Zel and Reuben Allen
      Vegetarians in Paradise

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