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    -from GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN, your listener-supported vegan, animal liberation radio program, as heard on Air America, now broadcasting 10 Years - See below
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 25, 2011
      your listener-supported vegan, animal liberation radio program, as heard on Air America,
      now broadcasting 10 Years -

      See below for radio stations and schedules
      and how to donate or advertise to help pay for airtime >
      Animals need you to send money to GO VEGAN RADIO - It's as simple as that!

      at World Veg Festival Sunday Oct 2, 10:30am
      - guest on GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN that day will be
      FLORENCE LIBERT, from France, one of the founders
      of the international campaign to ABOLISH MEAT

      BOB LINDEN to emcee 12th annual WORLD VEG FESTIVAL WEEKEND
      Saturday & Sunday, Oct 1 & 2, County Fair Bldg, 9th at Lincoln,
      Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
      - visit www.WorldVegFestival.com for spectacular speaker schedule
      Thanks to all volunteers with the San Francisco Vegetarian Society
      - Please attend BOB LINDEN's talk Sunday Oct 2 10:30am - noon in the Garden Club Room,
      endorsing VEGAN ANIMAL LIBERATION ACTIVISM vs forming alliances with animal exploiters, such as H$U$ - BOB WILL ALSO INTRODUCE "THE CAMPAIGN TO ABOLISH MEAT" and urges you to join it! All Animal Activists Invited to Attend!

      guests this week on GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN - two World Veg Festival speakers -
      DR RICHARD OPPENLANDER, author of "Comfortably Unaware - Global Depletion and Food Choice Responsibility", an important new environmental book <AND>
      vegan food icon, author, TV host MIYOKO SCHINNER <ALSO> West Hollywood Bans Fur!!!

      NOW ARCHIVED September 18 broadcast date >
      guests - INGRID NEWKIRK, PETA President, and
      DIXIE MAHY, San Francisco Vegetarian Society President
      > BOB talked to the USDA this week about the status of SARAH, the sick 54 year old Ringling Brothers elephant slave who toppled from a railroad car in front of him and other demonstrators in Anaheim recently. WHAT DID THE USDA SAY ABOUT SARAH? LISTEN to the Sept 18 show! > also the Sept 18 program - Climate Change - What's Better for the Environment - "LOCA-VORE" (eating "locally") or VEGAN?
      > Revelations for Rick Perry - the evidence of climate change that he doesn't see, and the ingredients and side effects on the label of the vaccine that he mandated for 11 year old Texas school girls

      PLEASE NOTE - We have still been delayed in broadcasting and uploading what was supposed to be our September 4 broadcast which we recorded with guest BOB INGERSOLL who is featured in the film PROJECT NIM, related to chimpanzee experimentation. Screenings of PROJECT NIM are taking place this week in Gainesville Florida, with MR INGERSOLL as a guest speaker, to benefit JUNGLE FRIENDS PRIMATE SANCTUARY. Please support - visit www.JungleFriends.org

      If you were unable to be one of the 3000 lucky attendees recently at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium for the 5th anniversary celebration of Supreme Master TV and the debut of the
      critically-acclaimed musical stage extravaganza "The Real Love", and the Don McLean concert that followed - you're in luck >
      Rebroadcast of this most enjoyable event begins Monday September 26, shown in 9 parts, on Supreme Master TV and streaming atwww.SupremeMasterTV.com, with multiple language subtitles. Listen to the August 28 archive at www.GoVeganRadio.com for the interview with JOANNA AMPIL the actress who played a young Supreme Master Ching Hai in "The Real Love", what went into producing this musical, and how she went vegan to play the role

      YOU give the animals a voice in mainstream media
      when YOU donate to GO VEGAN RADIO.
      Please make your check payable to GO VEGAN RADIO
      PO Box 475414, San Francisco, CA 94147
      Where does it say DONATE at www.GoVeganRadio.com?
      See if you can find it, and please give generously knowing that you are supporting the promotion of veganism and animal liberation in mainstream media, reaching beyond "the choir".

      <<<on radio & online>>>

      SUNDAYS on Clear Channel progressive talk
      620-AM KPOJ Portland (www.620kpoj.com) 9am-10am
      GREEN 960AM San Francisco (www.green960.com) 3pm-4pm
      iTunes, & over 300 archives at www.GoVeganRadio.com
      "Go Vegan Friday Feature"
      - noon hour, GREEN960, every Friday

      Hey, Congratulations to the ABCNNBC-BS-P-BS-FOXCENSORSHIP-meaty-uh-channel - It only took you 10 years to catch up with GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN reporting on the connection between heart disease and meat and dairy consumption, and that heart disease is preventable and reversable by enjoying a nutritious and delicious vegan diet, as learned years and years ago on GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN interviewing such pioneering health experts as CALDWELL ESSELSTYN, M.D., DR T. COLIN CAMPBELL, and so many others - whom you can hear by clicking LISTEN TO PAST SHOWS and scrolling through a who's who of what's what! If you find this to be a valuable educational resource, please click the DONATE button afterward and help pay for broadcast airtime.
      If people would or could donate a dollar or two with each listen, we can help reach our radio expansion goals. Remember, popular progressive talk radio stations in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Seattle are ready to join our current stations which include San Francisco and Portland.

      Dr Tel-Oren lectures on the truth about protein, Saturday 10:30am at World Veg Festival - He lectures Monday evening in San Carlos "Dr T's Health Secrets" www.meetup.com/tableoflife, and will also lecture this week in Santa Cruz - www.meetup/ecopolitan-santa-cruz. Consult with him regarding painless non-surgical removal of skin irregularities.


      Click DONATE at www.GoVeganRadio.com
      Contact Bob@... 818-623-6477

      ADVERTISE your vegan & Cruelty-free products

      ADVERTISE your vegan & cruelty-free products and services, affordably!!!


      Customize, create, explore, share - at www.RecipeFactory.net

      Blossoming Lotus Restaurant
      1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland - vegan, organic, local
      For information on books, cooking lessons, organic growing -

      Are you looking for the perfect formula diet? Read the book based on over 1000 scientific studies - "The Perfect Formula Diet" by Janice Stanger, PhDwww.perfectformuladiet.com

      - broadcast of GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN
      made possible by Vegetarian House, world class, vegan, organic, gmo-free cuisine in downtown San Jose at 520 East Santa Clara Street www.Vegetarian House.us,

      Befriend us on FaceBook: Bob Linden /// Cyberstalk us on Twitter: GoVeganRadio

      ...climate change...deforestation...
      melting glaciers...rising oceans...disease...animal suffering...what to do? ...
      read "From Crisis To Peace - the Organic Vegan Way Is The Answer" by Supreme Master Ching Hai FREE TO READ atwww.crisis2peace.org As part of the campaign to FREE SARAH NOW,

      GO VEGAN RADIO / GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN is encouraging everyone to contact Secretary of Agriculture TOM VILSACK to demand that Sarah be retired to a sanctuary now. SARAH is a sick 54 year old elephant, captured in the wild in her youth, and now a slave to Ringling Brothers, forced to perform at the point of a bullhook, for 43 years. SARAH toppled from a railroad car and collapsed in front of us as we protested in Anaheim. Enough is enough! SARAH needs to retire to a sanctuary, and Ringling needs to be banned, as circuses are in Bolivia and Peru.
      Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, USDA
      1400 Independence Avenue SW
      Washington DC 20250
      phone ( 202-720-3631
      fax (202) 720-2166
      Please forward your comments to GO VEGAN RADIO for possible use on-air or part of the campaign to FREE SARAH NOW -

      There's a lot of writing about SARAH on the BOB LINDEN facebook page(s) - Be a friend!

      AUDIO ENGINEER NEEDED - apprenticeship available

      Thanks to our donors and sponsors who make

      GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN possible -

      Tofurky - enjoy vegan deli slices, franks, sausage, tempeh, and new pizza - hexane-free - Tofurky is a member of the Non-GMO Project

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      You'll love LOVING HUT vegan restaurant - now with over 200 worldwide, the first one in North America is in Milpitas at 516 Barber Lane. Stanford students have a Loving Hut at 165 University Ave, Palo Alto. Now there are three in San Francisco, and many throughout Southern CA. For a location near you - www.LovingHut.us
      Chocolate lovers love the selection of vegan, organic, fair trade chocolates from SJAAKS

      If you're looking for a realtor with the ethics of a vegan and three decades Bay Area real estate experience, contact JUDITH BROOKS ReMax / Pioneer 888-258-6854

      SWEET LEMON VEGAN BISTRO - rave reviews for one of Portland's most popular dining experiences - at 4888 NW Bethany Blvd > 503-617-1419 www.SweetLemonVeggieBistro.com
      For vegan events in the Bay Area, visit the website of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society - www.sfvs.org

      SHALOM PRINTING - vegan-owned, with special discounts for vegan and animal rights organizations - in Sherman Oaks, CA shalomprinting@...

      www.HappyCow.net, your online global directory of vegan restaurants and natural food markets

      INTERNATIONAL FUND FOR AFRICA - saving human babies and other species in Africa, promoting compassion and gmo-free veganism www.iFundAfrica.org

      BLOSSOMING LOTUS world famous organic vegan restaurant 1713 Northeast 15th Ave, Portland www.BlossomingLotus.com

      www.CookingHealthyLerssons.com - where you learn the culinary secrets of acclaimed chef Mark Reinfeld of Blossoming Lotus

      Check out the vegan-owned online superstore - www.VeganEssentials.com

      Check out our RECENTLY ARCHIVED PROGRAMS >>>>>>>click LISTEN TO PAST SHOWS at www.GoVeganRadio.com and scroll down

      NOW ARCHIVED - Broadcast Date / September 11
      - the 10th anniversary of an American tragedy observed from the perspective of one vegan radio talk show host, examining violence, war, diet, terrorism, politicians, and constitutional rights <ALSO> Portland Veg Fest happens next week, and World Veg Weekend is coming up October 1 & 2 in San Francisco, and we talk of both.
      Guest BO RINALDI a Portland icon, green organic visionary, vegan for 51 years, talks about the roots of the modern day vegan movement, from love-ins to green smoothies, to his association with Portland's Blossoming Lotus restaurantwww.BlossomingLotus.com, chef training, online cooking lessons at www.CookingHealthyLessons.com, and his co-authored books "Vegan Fusion World Cuisine", "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Raw", and "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Green Smoothies". <AND> GUEST art critic and food writer for the Oregonian newspaper GRANT BUTLER talks about his "journalistic stunt" to GO VEGAN for a month 2 years ago, why he is still vegan, and writing about veganism in Portland, including a recent vegan bloggers' conference
      NOW ARCHIVED August 28 program
      guest - renowned stage actress and singer JOANNA AMPIL who delivered a stellar performance in "The Real Love" musical at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, which, with a rocking performance by Don McLean, was part of the 5th anniversary celebration of Supreme Master TV. JOANNA discusses the award-winning cast, preparing for her role as the young Master Ching Hai as a nurse in Germany helping Vietnamese refugees, meeting her husband, and her road to enlightenment on travels to India. JOANNA became vegan for the role.
      <<<ALSO>>> guest CAROL GLASSER, PhD, research director of the HUMANE RESEARCH COUNCIL, talks about a new "Humane Trends Report". What grade do you think the US gets?

      NOW ARCHIVED August 21 program
      professor of psychology and sociology MELANIE JOY, PhD, author of "Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, & Wear Cows - An Introduction to Carnism"..."carnism"? ...the name she gives to the dysfunctional socio-psychological abnormality of meat-eating...(It's time to cure that mental illness ASAP!!!) MELANIE speaks in SF Tuesday 6:30 PM, First Unitarian Universalist Ctr, 1187 Franklin @ Geary - listen to hear where you can hear DR WILL TUTTLE in SF Wednesday and Southern CA Sunday <ALSO> ...while we're examining "isms", how about "speciesism", while we're at it ...and how it pervades language...calling animals "it", instead of "him" or "her"...even "progressive" talk show hosts such as Mike Malloy thinking he's insulting republicans by calling them "rats", "pigs", "snakes" (instead of realizing that he is actually complimenting those evil politicians)...so...let's talk RESPECT FOR SNAKES on this week's show with guest MATT ELLERBECK, "the Snake Man" who advocates for our innocent and unduly persecuted reptilian planetary cohabitants...<PLUS> ...update on California bill to ban shark fin trade...banned tainted honey in your supermarket...new New York "ag gag" censorship bill to ban undercover investigations...the latest on SARAH, the sick 54 year old elephant imprisoned by Ringling for 43 years,whose fall and collapse we recently witnessed - now performing in that circus' tour in the Bay Area as many northern California SPCA's and local humane societies call for a boycott of the circus and its routine animal cruelty...

      NOW ARCHIVED / August 14 program
      Guests MATT ROSSELL of ANIMAL DEFENDERS INTERNATIONAL on his organization's complaint to the USDA on behalf of Ringling Brothers' elephant slave, SARAH, imprisoned 43 years by the circus - and where there have been major victories banning the circus recently <<<AND>>> Reverend JEREMIAH KALENDAE on the new ethical eating resolution adopted by Unitarian Universalist congregations

      NOW ARCHIVED / August 7 program
      NATHAN WINOGRAD, Director of the No-Kill Advocacy Center, author of
      "Redemption for All - The Myth of Pet Overpopulation & the No Kill Movement in America" and "Irreconcilable Differences - The Battle for the Heart and Soul of America's Animal Shelters" discusses the progress of the no-kill movement, and his new vegan cookbook "All American Vegan". Do you think BOB LINDEN is harsh in his ongoing criticism of the Humane $ociety of the United $tate$? NATHAN makes BOB look like a cheerleader for H$U$. Why? Listen! Why would BOB ask "meat" eaters and dairy consumers why they "care" more about (other) animals than people? And - hear about the worst "foods" for the environment, the "foods" that cause famine and world hunger, and birds, mistaken for "food", sickening people with salmonella in 26 states - and kill in California.

      NOW ARCHIVED / July 31 program
      guest ALEX PACHECO, PETA co-founder, Sea Shepherd, & now with "600 Million Stray Dogs Need You" <<<AND>>> BOB LINDEN's Talk at Animal Rights Conference - Officially "Condemned"- By Animal Rights Conference??? Should Bob's urgent appeal for "VEGAN ANIMAL LIBERATION ACTIVISM" vs. the "FURNITURE FOR CHICKENS IN 18 YEARS MOVEMENT" be "condemned"? <<<PLUS>>> Celebrating Record-Setting Circus Protests in Southern California and Two Countries Banning the Circus

      GO VEGAN RADIO is a project of 501c3 International Humanities Center
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