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Re: [SFVS] Re: flexitarians

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  • Jeff Walsh
    Heh, it s a veg group, not sure anyone here doesn t get your point... I was specifically questioning your statement that calling a flexitarian an omnivore was
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      Heh, it's a veg group, not sure anyone here doesn't get your point... I was specifically questioning your statement that calling a flexitarian an omnivore was "condemning" language. It seemed to elevate the term as higher than a mere omnivore, whereas I think of it as a niche group under omnivore. By this logic, it would be condemning a Roman Catholic to refer to them as Christian, which is their umbrella term.

      On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 12:18 PM, DJ Brook <brook@...> wrote:

      Wow, that was exactly the simplistic and self-defeating attitude I was referring to. You want this to be a so-called black and white issue, but few things are. Witness the different denominations in religions, the different types of Democrats, and, yes, the continuum of eaters. It's not necessarily like being pregnant - either you are or you aren't - but even there it's also a matter of how far along one is.

      A flexitarian, while still technically an omnivore and shouldn't be referred to as a vegetarian or vegan (ironically, you give good examples of flexitarians at the end of your message), likely eats a lot less meat than a typical omnivore and, by definition, eats less meat than someone who eats it all the time. While you may have the luxury of not thinking it any different, it actually means less torture, less death, and less environmental destruction.

      Further, I believe that those who are conscious about food and are at least doing something about it are more likely to go further and do more than someone who isn't conscious about or interested in food issues.

      Additionally, without those food-conscious non-veg*ns, of which there are many more than us, we possibly wouldn't have any, and certainly wouldn't have as many, veg restaurants in town, as they are not staying afloat just because of us.


      Posted by: "Jeff Walsh" jeff@...   jeffdwalsh

      Thu Sep 1, 2011 9:28 pm (PDT)

      How is calling a flexitarian an omnivore slanderous? It's literally the definition of the word. I don't see why a new term is needed for people who eat a higher percentage of one thing over another...

      That said, I'm more annoyed by butters:
      - I'm vegan, but I eat a little fish
      - I'm vegetarian, but I eat some pork, etc.

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