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Rainbow cancelled their 9/8 Customer Appreciation day + SF Mayor CAndidate-help

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  • sunny outdoors
    Appreciation Day Cancelled due to over crowding and safety reasons.  Unfortunately, they don t know how to handle it. There were other reasons, but they
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2011
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      Appreciation Day Cancelled due to over crowding and safety reasons.  Unfortunately, they don't know how to handle it.

      There were other reasons, but they didn't tell me...

      So,  no 20% discount


      end of the year, last chance to get 10% off for SF Bike Coalition members coming in on their bicycles.

      SF Mayor Data their status....on

      PRO  Ban on Shark Finning

      David CHiu,  his staff said, "If you want to continue to eat shark fin, we must protect the sharks"

      AGAINST   Shark Finning

      Leland Yee,  he's a corrupt polititican,    in MANY ways  , He said "the bill is too vague to pass this thru." (or something like that)
        what a jerk!!     
         10 years ago, he got caught shop lifting suntan lotion in HAwaii
          Ed Jew is in jail for extortion, he said Leland Yee taught him how
         My friend campaign for Leland ten years ago, and said, he is not an honest politician
         Another politician confirmed with me that he's crooked
         Leland Yee hasn't lost an election in 23 years, this is scary if he wins.

      Ed Lee,   pro shark Finning but he said "I don't eat shark fin cause I can't afford to eat shark fin"
         it's not true, he makes $200k a year.  

      pls help compile data on the other 30 Mayoral candidate or the rest of them don't have a chance of running.

      PCRM workers, most of you live in SF, any data?    I got info from vegan Michael to contact:

      Ace political reporter (for SF Examiner) Melissa Griffin said she's a vegetarian  in her Necessary Conversation video at the SF Chefs 2011 conference on Aug. 17th  (at time 1min 17sec)   

      Ask her, she'll know.  She's on a first name basis with every supervisor and politician in SF.

      thanks Mike H. !     I was crying for help for the past 2 weeks...

      I told Shangrila to YANK out 

      Leland Yee and Ed Lee posters
      it's not cool for a veg restaurant to promote those pro "shark eaters"

      Veg William the owner said he got tired of political workers bugging him to put their signs out.

      sign, Sunny

      Jim Rogers,is a financial genius but nobody listens to him on how to save this toxic crises.

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