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Vegetarian Week contest: another opportunity to have a say – and win prizes

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  • jcadiz2002
    Got this email from IVU, too good to pass up. JC
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2011
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      Got this email from IVU, too good to pass up.


      >> Dear friend,
      >> The vegetarian movement is gaining momentum. A growing number of
      >> concerned people have decided to follow a vegetarian lifestyle because
      >> of the immense suffering and dramatic ecological degradation and climate
      >> changes caused by meat production and consumption, among other reasons.
      >> The International Vegetarian Week aims to reinforce this ongoing
      >> momentum by highlighting the great variety of blessings that such an
      >> individual step reaps. After all, vegetarianism can resolve, or at least
      >> alleviate, an impressive variety of hazards we are being confronted with
      >> right now: increased challenges to public health, expanding global
      >> hunger, immense cruelty to animals, critical environmental and climate
      >> degradations, and many more.
      >> With this in mind, a contest has been launched to celebrate the 2011
      >> International Vegetarian Week, and at the same time prepare for the 2012
      >> edition. Participants are invited to submit slogans, posters, flyers,
      >> cartoons, essays, videos, poems, songs, music and other contributions
      >> emphasizing the beneficial role of vegetarianism for a healthier, more
      >> humane and more sustainable world. You are invited to take part in the
      >> campaign, with as many entries as you wish. Depending on individual
      >> motivation and artistic or technical talent, those will turn out to be
      >> very different in style and expression, but they must all have one thing
      >> in common: an expression of hope for more solidarity with people and
      >> animals.
      >> So please take part in the campaign by submitting your ideas in English
      >> by 10 September!
      >> The results of the contest will be announced on 1 October, 2011, the
      >> World Vegetarian Day. Some attractive prizes are waiting and, even more
      >> important, the winners’ contributions may be used worldwide for the
      >> International Vegetarian Week 2012.
      >> For more information and submitting: http://www.vegeterianweek.org
      >> We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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