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Aug 13: Tri-Valley Veg Potluck & Trifecta

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  • Joseph Cadiz
    From: Lisa Books-Williams Subject: Tri-Valley Veg Potluck & Trifecta - 8/13 To: lisaholistictlc@gmail.com Date: Sunday, July 31,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2011
      From: Lisa Books-Williams <lisa@...>
      Subject: Tri-Valley Veg Potluck & Trifecta - 8/13
      To: lisaholistictlc@...
      Date: Sunday, July 31, 2011, 2:28 PM

      (Co-Sponsored by San Francisco Vegetarian Society, East Bay Eco-Health
      Network and Long Live You!)

      Event Location and Details:

      SATURDAY, AUGUST 13th, 2011
      1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
      San Ramon Library
      100 Montgomery Street
      San Ramon, CA 94583

      Come hear two great presentations by two leaders in the East Bay Wellness
      Comunity (Details & Bios below) and also learn how to make 2 healthy
      recipes with an engaging food demo (Details & Bio below).  In addition to
      a delicious potluck of vegan food (cooked and raw), Lisa will provide a
      Raw Vegan "Ice Cream" Cake as well as her 3 Bean Chili, Gardein
      Stroganoff, Cacao Coconut Cream Cheese, Sunflower Cashini Miso Pate,
      Krackers, 2 salads and her Figgy Carob Brownies with Walnut Frosting.

      April Shabazz presents:  Nutrition and Your Health

      April's Bio:  April is a health and wellness consultant, educator, and
      advocate. Inspired by her personal journey to wellness and her passion to
      educate people, she has dedicated her life to continuous health research
      with particular focus on prevention and natural healing modalities. She is
      currently a Ph.D candidate in Natural Health Sciences with an emphasis in
      Functional and Nutritional Medicine. April is the owner of In My Nature
      (inmynatureonline.com), a wellness consulting business and premier network
      which helps individuals, families and organizations understand the true
      journey to wellness. She is also involved in numerous organizations that
      support holistic lifestyles, prevention and continuous research on the top
      health issues around the globe. She is a member of Collaborative on Health
      and the Environment. She is the Regional Director for the US of
      CancerActive, a charity that provides evidence-based integrated medicine
      for the prevention and treatment of cancer and Coordinator of the SF Bay
      Area Chapter of Ecopolitan Eco-Health Network, an international network
      that promotes and offers ecological solutions for metropolitan living;
      including nutritional advice, eco-activities, healthy cuisine, scientific
      solutions to chronic diseases, etc. Her passion to heal and build healthy
      communities never stops.

      Randy C. Wilson presents:  Long Live You, The Quest For Longevity

      Randy's Bio:  Nearly 20 years ago, Randy C. Wilson began a quest to learn
      about how food effects our bodies. Because of a certain
      mysterious skin condition that he linked to a certain ingredient in the
      typical food he was eating, he realized that there must be a lot of food
      out there with ingredients that are harmful to us. This experience sparked
      his passion to learn about the many things in our food, water and air that
      are detrimental to us physically and mentally. Six years ago, Randy chose
      to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle because he realized that cutting meat out
      of his diet would not only reduce the chance of contracting commonly known
      chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and cancer, but it is also
      a healthier choice for our planet and our psyche.  Today, as the Founder
      of The Long Live You Foundation, a
      non-profit organization, Randy C. Wilson has set out to teach others how
      to make healthier lifestyle choices with the goal of helping the world
      become a better place by helping humans become a healthier race.

      Chef Lisa Books-Williams' Food Preparation Demonstrations:  Land & Sea
      Vegetable Salad with Citrus Sesame Dressing and Kale with a "Kick" Salad

      Lisa's Bio:  Lisa is an award-winning raw food chef and a certified Green
      Chef instructor and caterer through Greenivore.  Lisa enjoys promoting the
      concept of “joyful eating” and has been conducting living foods
      preparation and vegan cooking classes through her company Holistic
      Therapeutic Care in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past seven years.
      Lisa also founded the Tri-Valley Vegetarian Society and hosts monthly
      potlucks and events.  Lisa has presented at Wellness Central, the Raw
      Health Expo and World Veg Day to name a few and is catering the Raw Dinner
      again this year. Additionally, Lisa is a nationally Certified Therapeutic
      Recreation Specialist and has brought therapeutic vegan cooking classes
      and raw/”live” food preparation classes to persons with disabilities in
      institutionalized care and at-risk youth.

      Potluck Guidelines: Each person is to bring a Vegetarian (plant-based and
      non-dairy items are greatly preferred) or Raw/Living Foods appetizer,
      entree or dessert to feed 5 persons. There is a suggested donation of
      $5.00 per person help cover the costs of rent, beverages and utensils. If
      you do not wish to bring a dish, the suggested total donation is $12.00
      per person to help cover the cost of the catered food. Children are
      welcome and eat for free.

      To RSVP or receive more information: Please call 925-989-1811 or email
      Lisa Williams at Lisa@...
      or go to

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