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Anything vegetarian about "Largest Virtual Men's Gathering in History"

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  • Maynard S. Clark
    Which of these men is/are vegetarian (vegan)? - Dan Millman - Robert Bly - Neal Donald Walsch - Is there Sam Keen Is there anything vegetarian about The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2011
      Which of these men is/are vegetarian (vegan)?
      • Dan Millman
      • Robert Bly
      • Neal Donald Walsch
      • Is there Sam Keen 

      Is there anything vegetarian about "The Largest Virtual Men's Gathering in History"

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      with John & Ocean Robbins and Others

      From: John Robbins
      Subject: The Largest Virtual Men's Gathering in History

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      Dear Friends,

      I'm excited to report that my son, Ocean, and I are joining more than 75 remarkable global leaders such as Dan Millman, Robert Bly, Neal Donald Walsch and Sam Keen in coming together for an historic Ultimate Men's Summit to explore the crucial opportunities for men at this moment in history.  This summit is for men (or the men in your life), and it is all offered free of charge. 

      As men, many of us are waking up to our true gifts - and stewarding the emergence of a new era. We're evolving a new form of masculinity - one infused with integrity, authenticity, generosity and virtue. And we're living more purposefully and finding ways to serve a cause greater than ourselves.

      It's not an easy path. We're learning as we go - transforming our past, exploring our inner truths and expressing our strengths in new ways. We're learning to lead boldly without dominating, feel fully and freely, and use our power to protect instead of destroy. And we have further to go - both for the sake of our liberation and the world's.

      That's why I'm happy to invite you to attend the Ultimate Men's Summit - a free 10-day teleconference June 10-19.  Ocean and I are two of the presenters at this historic virtual gathering of more than 75 teachers, authors and elders who will offer our hard-earned wisdom about manhood, masculinity and personal development.

      Click here to sign up now for this FREE virtual event - the largest men's summit ever:

      You'll also learn from inspiring and transformational trailblazers like Gary Zukav, Matthew Fox, Hal Stone, Andrew Harvey, John Perkins, Claudio Naranjo, Warren Farrell and Gay Hendricks.

      Of course, the Summit is open to women as well, who are warmly welcome to join us and learn more about 21st Century Masculinity. It's clear we need to work together with women, hand in hand, to create a new Earth.

      Each speaker will offer our insights about what it takes to mature and grow as a man, and we'll give you specific practices you can use to move your life forward. We are making it very practical and real - not just talking heads - helping you to accelerate your growth, evolution and expression.

      The link again to register is:

      I look forward to seeing you at the Ultimate Men's Summit.

      Yours for healthy people and a healthy planet,

      John Robbins  

      John Robbins is the author of the recently released tenth anniversary edition of "The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life And Our World." He is also the author of many other bestsellers, including the classic "Diet For A New America," and "The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less."  For more information about John Robbins and his work, and for access to dozens of his articles and posts, click here. 

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