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If Pigs Could Speak...

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    If Pigs Could Speak by Andrew Kirschner I am a pig. I am a happy and affectionate animal by nature. I like to play in the grass and nurture my young. In the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2011
      If Pigs Could Speak
      by Andrew Kirschner

      I am a pig.
      I am a happy and affectionate animal by nature.
      I like to play in the grass and nurture my young.
      In the wild, I eat leaves, roots, grass, flowers, and fruits.
      I have a terrific sense of smell and I am highly intelligent.

      I am a pig.
      I can learn tasks as quickly as chimpanzees and faster than dogs.
      I wallow in mud to cool down
      but I am a very clean animal
      and don't excrete anywhere near where I live.

      I speak my own language that you cannot understand.
      I am often loved as a house mate.
      I like being in groups and live a long natural life in the wild or a safe home.
      I enjoy interacting with people and I am very gentle.

      I wish I could do and be all of those things
      but I was born on a factory farm like billions of other pigs
      and so I experience none of them.

      I am a pig.
      If I could speak
      I would tell you that I spend my life
      in a crowded and filthy warehouse
      in a tiny metal crate.
      The owners call it a farm so you won't feel bad for me.
      It's not a farm.

      My life is miserable from the day I'm born until the day I die.
      In many cases, I live my entire life in a gestation crate
      where I can't even turn around.
      I try to escape but can't.

      I suffer severe emotional and physical ailments
      as a result of my confinement.
      I have bruises all over my head and face
      from trying to get out of my cage.
      I bang my head against the bars.
      It is analogous to living in a coffin.

      I am a pig.
      If I could speak I would tell you that
      I don't ever feel the warmth of another pig.
      I only feel the cold metal bars of my cage
      and the feces that I am forced to sleep in.
      I don't see daylight until a trucker drives me to a slaughterhouse.

      I am a pig.
      I am beaten often by ruthless factory farmers
      who take pleasure in hearing me squeal.
      I am constantly impregnated
      and do not have any interaction with my piglets.

      My feet are tied together so I am forced to stand all day.
      When I was born, I was separated from my mother.
      In the wild, I would have stayed with her for five months.
      Now I am forced to have 25 piglets a year through artificial insemination
      as opposed to six per year I would have in the wild.
      Being in a constant state of pregnancy is slow torture.

      Overcrowding and the smell of being covered in raw sewage
      causes many of us to go insane
      and bite each other through our cages.
      Sometimes we kill each other.
      It's not our nature.

      My home smells of ammonia.
      I sleep on concrete.
      I am tied up so I can't even roll over.

      My food is loaded with artificial fats that cause me terrible health problems
      so my owners can make more money off my size.
      I am never able to forage for food as I do by instinct in the wild.

      I am a pig.
      I am bored and have nothing to do
      so I bite my tail and the tails of others
      so the factory farmers cut off our tails
      without any pain killers.
      It is excruciating and causes infection.

      When it's time for us to be killed,
      we are supposed to be stunned to death with a bolt gun
      until we can't feel pain
      but often the gun is not properly charged or the stunner misses,
      or we're too big for it
      and it fails to work properly.
      Sometimes we go through the slaughter process
      sticking, skinning, dismembering, and eviscerating --
      alive,conscious, and kicking.

      I am a pig.

      If I could speak
      I would tell you we suffer horribly.
      Our death is slow and violent torture.
      It can last as long as 20 minutes.
      If you saw it happen,
      you would probably never eat an animal again.
      That's why what happens inside factory farms
      is the best kept secret in the world.

      I am a pig.
      You can dismiss me as a worthless animal.
      Call me filthy even though I am clean by nature.

      Say I don't matter because I taste good to eat.
      Be indifferent to my suffering.
      But now you know,
      I feel pain, sadness, and fear.
      I suffer.

      Even though I will be killed
      and deprived of a humane and natural life
      You now know it is wrong
      and if you continue eating animals like me
      when you don't need to eat them to survive
      it will be on your conscience
      and you bear responsibility for the cruelty
      because you're funding it by purchasing meat
      99% of which comes from factory farms.

      You have a choice
      to live a cruelty-free life
      and go vegan.
      It's much easier than you think
      and it is a very fulfilling lifestyle --
      healthier for you,
      better for the environment,
      and most of all,
      it does not contribute to the abuse of animals.
      Please give it some thought.

      I am no more meant to be eaten by you
      than you are meant to be eaten by me.
      The idea of eating me is a human creation for profit
      not a divine one or one born of necessity but rather choice.

      If you could choose not to abuse an animal, would you?
      If the choice of ending animal cruelty
      meant making some simple changes in your life,
      would you make them?
      Forget about cultural norms.

      Do what you know is right.
      Align your compassionate heart and mind
      with your actions.

      Please stop eating pork, ham, bacon, sausage
      and buying other products made from pig body parts such as leather.

      I am a pig.
      I'm begging you to develop the same respect for me
      that you have for your dog or cat.
      During the time it took you to read this message,
      approximately 26,000 pigs were brutally slaughtered
      on factory farms.

      Simply because you didn't see it happen
      doesn't mean it didn't happen.
      It did.

      I am a pig.
      I had only one life on this earth.
      It's too late for me
      but it is not too late for you to make a change
      like millions of other people
      and save other animals from the life I lived.

      I hope animals' lives will begin to mean more to you now --
      now that you know.

      I was a pig.


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