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Respect for Chickens - Karen Davis on GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN

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    www.GoVeganRadio.org Chicken Lovers Special this week - - from GO VEGAN RADIO GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN - broadcasting over 10 years, mainstream media s
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      Chicken Lovers' Special this week -

      - from GO VEGAN RADIO
      - broadcasting over 10 years, mainstream media's first vegan, animal liberation program - as heard on "Air America"

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      THIS WEEK'S SHOW - As the most tortured and murdered species on earth, chickens certainly don't get the respect they deserve as the intelligent, lovable beings that they are. Guest author KAREN DAVIS, founder of United Poultry Concerns (www.upc-online.org), discusses International Respect for Chickens Day, this Wednesday - and what you can do to help these wonderful creatures. SHAME ON THOSE WHO PROMOTE OR EAT CAGE-FREE EGGS, FREE RANGE, OR ORGANIC CHICKEN, HAPPY MEAT, AND HUMANE SLAUGHTER, such as HSUS
      (the Hu-Mainly-About-The-Money Society of the US), and on this week's show, we must again question VegNews' absurd judgement for a feature article naming HSUS millionaire CEO - and serial animal killer Wolfgang Puck supporter - Wayne Pacelle "The Animals' Biggest Protector". What - an organization that says it does NOT promote veganism? Take a picture of Wolfgang Puck's cage-free chicken liver pate', VegNews. It'll be perfect the next time you want to illustrate a lentil loaf recipe.<ALSO> What percentage of meat has a staph infection, and bovine tuberculosis detected in California dairy herd <AND> Is the basis for so much animal suffering in the world the religious concept of dominion, where humans' abuse, use, torture, and murder are considered God-given rights?

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      NOW ARCHIVED / April 24 program
      Guest WILL TUTTLE, author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller "The World Peace Diet", discusses his new vegan facilitator training program and expresses his outrage over VegNews' latest scandal - its use of pictures of dead animals to illustrate vegan recipes <AND> singer, musician, actress, film maker RODLEEN GETSIC with great vegan, animal rights music including "Animal Apology" and "Wrong Hunger" <PLUS>
      For Earth Day Weekend - a reminder: "You can't be a meat-eating, dairy consuming environmentalist!!!"
      It's the animals' planet too! Live - and help live.
      Meat and dairy cause climate change more than all other human activity combined - 51% of greenhouse gas emissions, PLUS deforestation, erosion, desertification, resource depletion, habitat destruction, pollution, and on and on...
      Mother Earth would like to thank Texas vegan visionary and animal rights pioneer SHIRLEY WILKES-JOHNSON for what she saved, and whom she saved, by living her last 27 years as a vegan. Hear that expression of gratitude on this week's show...

      NOW ARCHIVED / April 17 program
      Vivisection is revealed for the deadly and cruel scientific fraud that it is!!!
      Guest JOHN PIPPIN, M.D., who taught medicine at Harvard Medical School, and is now senior medical and research adviser for PCRM, educates us on animal experimentation, why it doesn't work, and how it costs billions of dollars and countless animal and human lives. <PLUS> Where to protest against vivisection for "World Week for Animals in Laboratories" in Portland, the Bay Area, and LA <AND> Everyone loved SHIRLEY WILKES-JOHNSON, heroic for the enormity of kindness and love she brought into the world

      NOW ARCHIVED / April 10 program
      Their "Citizen Radio" podcast received high praise from Noam Chomsky. Hear what G. Gordon Liddy and Glen Beck said about these two vegans - comedian JAMIE KILSTEIN, whom you may have seen on Conan, CNN, Showtime, Comedy Central, and journalist ALLISON KILKENNY, whom you may have read in progressive media including the Huffington Post and The Nation. www.WeAreCitizenRadio.com <<<AND>>> CESAR CHAVEZ - a vegan animal rights activist? Hear what you don't know about this modern day hero from his eldest granddaughter TERESA CHAVEZ DELGADO

      NOW ARCHIVED / April 3 program
      <guest> peace activist CINDY SHEEHAN talks war and peace, and about her vegan lifestyle. CINDY gained world attention when, after her son Casey was killed in Iraq, she questioned Bush regime policy from Camp Casey in Crawford Texas at the Bush ranch. She also challenged Pelosi for her congressional seat. Her website is www.cindysheehanssoapbox.com <<<ALSO>>> Can low level radiation be more deadly than high dosage?

      NOW ARCHIVED / March 27 program
      <guest> former GENERAL ELECTRIC engineer and manager turned investigative journalist, KEITH HARMON SNOW, recipient of three Project Censored Awards, exposes the deadly truth about nukes that the industry and its puppet U.S. government hide from you and don't want you to hear!!! His new article is "Nuclear Apocalypse in Japan - Lifting the Veil of Nuclear Catastrophe and Cover-Up: A Doomsday Scenario Unfolds With Characteristic Foolishness". <ALSO> more info on how to help animals in Japan and how to support vegan food relief for Japanese survivors <PLUS> seal massacre - in Africa, and California attempts ban on that bowl-of-cruelty - shark fin soup

      NOW ARCHIVED / March 20 program
      The plight of animals in the Japanese disaster, and rescue efforts, are discussed by
      PETA Special Projects Coordinator ALICIA WOEMPNER. <ALSO> Portland author
      DAVID AGRANOFF talks about his new book "The Vegan Revolution With Zombies", and why Portland has become so vegan friendly

      NOW ARCHIVED / March 13 program
      Guests include environmental activist TIM DeCHRISTOPHER - facing a 10-year prison sentence - for what? You will be shocked by the heroic story of this soon-to-be Obama corporate political prisoner. Also - renowned health professional MICHAEL KLAPER, M.D., former NASA consultant, contributor to PBS specials "Food For Thought" and "Diet For A New America", and physician at True North Health in Santa Rosa, who will be speaking, along with BOB LINDEN, at the Great American Meat-Out lunch, Sunday March 20th
      at the Unitarian Universalist Center in San Francisco on Franklin at Geary

      BOB LINDEN hosting "The Flesh-Eater's Show"?
      Listen to the March 30th program at www>VeganWorldRadio.org
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