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Learn to make delicious whole food vegan recipes that are fast to prepare...

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  • trevorlevine
    Now you can learn to make delicious, whole food vegan recipes (mostly raw) that are fast to prepare, fast to clean up, and easy-to-digest. Just listen
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2005
      Now you can learn to make delicious, whole food vegan recipes (mostly
      raw) that are fast to prepare, fast to clean up, and easy-to-digest.
      Just listen carefully...

      On Wednesday, May 18, vegan/raw chef Trevor Levine will lead a two-
      hour hands-on recipe making class. In it, you'll learn to...

      -- Turbo-charge your health with fresh whole foods, still thriving
      with life force! Depending on the recipes we make, you'll get to
      taste real vanilla bean, fresh coconut water, fresh mint, whole oat
      groats, raw cashews, agave nectar, yacon syrup, and many other
      wholesome ingredients. Say goodbye to their stale counterparts, which
      come lifeless in bottles and boxes.

      -- Make delicious recipes that follow proper food combining
      guidelines. If you ever have indigestion (bloating, gas, cramps, acid
      reflux, or fatigue), this class will be a Godsend for you. Unlike the
      difficult-to-digest recipes others are teaching, Trevor's recipes
      won't create havoc in your digestive system.

      -- Make salad dressings from whole nuts, seeds, coconut meat, and/or
      avocados. Learn to transition away from extracted oils – which are
      harder to digest, contribute to blood sugar spikes, and can turn
      rancid when exposed to light, air, and free radicals.

      -- "Veganize" creamy recipes like cream of corn, sweet potato
      custard, and creamy porridge by using blended fresh coconut meat --
      instead of butter or cream.

      -- Never waste time straining nuts through a mesh bag, pressing your
      food through a juicer, or scrubbing out every nook and cranny
      afterwards! Unlike the labor-intensive recipes others are teaching,
      Trevor's recipes are fast to prepare and fast to clean up.

      -- Learn recipes that you can make with just a knife, cutting board,
      and blender. A few require a food processor, but none require a
      juicer or dehydrator. And none require you to dirty more than one

      -- Never again feel deprived as you resist brownies, cookies, and
      other refined desserts. Exhausting your pancreas can create insulin
      resistance and blood sugar disorders. Learn to make satisfying sweets
      using whole grains, root vegetables, fruits, and low-glycemic
      sweeteners like agave nectar, stevia, and yakon syrup.

      Trevor wants you to get plenty of personal attention. So, unlike
      other food demos, class space is limited. To reserve a space before
      it's sold out, we encourage you to pre-register in advance. If
      there's still space on the day of the class, you may enroll then.

      If you'd just like to watch, and not partake in dinner, your
      investment is $29.

      Would You Like To Attend This Recipe Class For FREE?

      Then here's great news... To generate the biggest possible turnout at
      his Songwriter Showcase this Sunday, May 15, Trevor is offering the
      above recipe class as a BONUS to anyone who comes to the Showcase
      with a friend, and buys food or drinks at the club.

      The Showcase is 7pm at the Hotel Utah, 500 Fourth St. in SF (at
      Bryant). Admission is $10 at the door, but you can get 2-for-1
      advance tickets if you purchase them by midnight on Saturday.

      That means for just ten bucks (plus the cost of dinner or drinks at
      the club), you and a friend can see four acclaimed singer/songwriters
      performing live, and YOU can get free admission to Trevor's recipe
      class on Wednesday! For complete details, and half price tickets,
      visit www.acousticsongwriters.com

      OK, now back to the recipe class... If you'd like to
      participate "hands on", and join us for an organic feast afterwards
      (yum!), there's an additional investment of $16. Only a limited
      number of people will get to participate at this level. If you're
      fortunate enough to be among them, you'll get hands on experience
      making the recipes, so you'll know exactly how to recreate them at

      However, if you don't choose this option, you'll still learn plenty
      about food combining, flavor balancing, soaking nuts and seeds, and
      opening fresh coconuts. And either way, you'll get the recipes to
      take home.

      If the class/dinner price seems expensive, consider what you'd pay
      for an organic feast at a restaurant like Millenium or Greens. For
      this one-time investment, you'll learn to make these recipes at home
      whenever you want – so you won't have to spend big bucks at high
      priced restaurants in the future.

      And since Trevor will show you how to make recipes that you can
      prepare in 15 minutes or less, you'll save hours of preparation time
      at home. What's that worth to you?

      Depending on what's seasonal and organic, we'll make recipes from the
      following lists. All of these recipes are raw, unless noted otherwise.

      Chilled cucumber mint lemon soup
      Sprouted sourdough bread (cooked)
      Pineapple bread
      Sweet potato coconut custard (cooked)
      These recipes take less than 15 minutes to prepare:

      Flax crackers
      Chilled ginger basil coconut soup
      Tangy tahini dressing
      Carrot beet ginger salad
      Cilantro guacamole
      Chilled cream of corn
      Pecan rhubarb dressing
      Tahini almond halvah
      Sprouted lentil gazpacho
      Creamy porridge (cooked)
      And these recipes take less than 5 minutes to prepare:

      Mango custard
      Cashew cream covered strawberries
      Raw oatmeal
      Ginger stone fruit salad
      Cashew milk
      Peach custard

      The recipe class will take place at the home of Elizabeth 633
      Glenwood Isle in Alameda, CA, 94562. It will go from 7-9pm on
      Wednesday, May 18. For more details, visit
      http://www.abbeysvegetarianrecipes.com/lecture/#recipe . To RSVP,
      email trevor@... , or call Trevor at 510 549 4300.
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