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Video, Photos, & Links form the Oprah Viewing Party

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  • beetsnotmeats
    Hi everyone, Thanks so much to those of you that came out for the party. No matter what your feelings about the Oprah show, I m sure you ll agree it was great
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2011
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      Hi everyone,

      Thanks so much to those of you that came out for the party. No matter what your feelings about the Oprah show, I'm sure you'll agree it was great to be in a room with so many compassionate folks.

      I have heard from many people about friends and family contacting them to ask for more info and/or recipes because of the Oprah show. I saw one comment in which a vegan who wasn't fond of the show heard from an omnivore friend that Oprah "made 'vegan' seem doable and non-threatening." I saw another person announce their two friends decided to go veg because of the show. Another said her parents were adopting Meatless Mondays and they were planning to move toward a more veg diet. I'm sure we'll continue to hear more stories like this.

      I also heard from Colleen that Random House, the publisher for The 30-Day Vegan Challenge, thought it was great and that it will really help with publicizing and selling Colleen's book. I thought there were other things to be pleased with, but just these few things are all really great news.

      Thanks again to all who helped and attended! ~ Chris

      Here's a link to the video:

      Here's a link to some beautiful stills from the video:

      Of course, you should have a link to Colleen's book, The 30-Day Vegan Challenge for any folks that ask you about veganism or Oprah's challenge: http://30dayveganchallenge.com/

      And be sure to keep an eye out for the release party for Colleen's fourth book around the first of March. Vegan's Daily Companion will be sought out by both long-time and new vegans for the support, humor, encouragement, and guidance it offers. No description is up yet, but you can see some gorgeous interior pages on Amazon.:

      Some of you asked me for more info about some of the prizes, so here are links to all the awesome prize providers:

      Harvey's: www.harveyssf.com/

      Jesse Miner: www.chefjesseminer.com/

      Local Love: www.localloveservices.com/

      Karen Cunningham/Arbonne: www.karencunningham.myarbonne.com/

      Eat Pastry: www.eatpastry.com/html/

      Cinnaholic: www.cinnaholic-berkeley.com/

      Colleen Patrick-Goudreau: www.compassionatecooks.com/

      A Scent of Scandal: www.ascentofscandal.com/

      PETA: www.peta.org/

      VegNews: www.vegnews.com/web/home.do

      Never Felt Better Vegan Shop: http://nfbveganshop.com/

      Patxi's Chicago Pizza: http://patxispizza.com/

      Books Inc. Castro: www.booksinc.net/SFCastro

      Laurel Bookstore: www.laurelbookstore.com/

      Will Tuttle: www.willtuttle.com/

      Nature's Express: http://natures-express.com/

      San Francisco Vegetarian Society: www.sfvs.org/
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