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shocking revelations on the birds and the bees - latest GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN

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    www.GoVeganRadio.org 10th ANNIVERSARY - GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN PLEASE DONATE NOW - Support our goal to be broadcasting on Sundays at 9am on KPOJ-AM-620
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      PLEASE DONATE NOW - Support our goal to be broadcasting on Sundays at 9am on KPOJ-AM-620 Portland, at 1pm on KTLK-AM-1150 Los Angeles, and at 3pm on GREEN 960 San Francisco, starting February 20th. We must purchase radio airtime, and can only do it with your support. Give the animals a voice on progressive talk radio stations up and down the coast!!! PLEASE DONATE NOW. We need $6500 monthly to purchase airtime.

      Listen to the latest program,
      BROADCAST DATE January 30, 2011
      now archived at www.GoVeganRadio.org
      for SHOCKING REVELATIONS ABOUT THE BIRDS AND THE BEES - why are birds dropping from the sky, why are bee colonies collapsing? HEAR THE OUTRAGEOUS ANSWERS this week <ALSO> You heard the republiarcon response, and the tee-hee party response to the Obama
      Steak-in-the-Heart-of the Union Address. What would the Green Party response be? We talk to ERIC BROOKS of the SF Green Party. Did you know that the national Green Party platform endorses veganism and animal rights? LISTEN! <AND> Is a revolution sprouting in Vermont? W#e talk to JESSICA BERNIER of the Vermont Coalition for Food Sovereignty, and its strong resolution opposing the gov-enron-ment's recent Food Modernization and Safety Act (which we get from people who don't know how to feed themselves) <PLUS> Heart disease about to destroy the country as costs will soar by $500 billion...

      It is the 10th anniversary of the first mass media vegan / animal rights program ever, GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN, a production of GO VEGAN RADIO, a non-profit project of 501c3 International Humanities Center. Heard on popular radio stations' airwaves and webstreams, iTunes, and www.GoVeganRadio.org, GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN is also the first major radio network program of its kind, having been broadcast on AIR AMERICA (alongside Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, Thom Hartmann, Mike Malloy, etc.) , XM, SIRIUS, and NOVA M. The Program Director of San Francisco radio affiliate, Clear Channel - owned progressive talk GREEN 960, said "GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN is the greenest show on GREEN 960." The show won critical acclaim from the LA Times media critic, and was named Radio Show of the Week by the LA Daily News.

      If you believe the vegan truth needs to be heard by the masses, support this vital program on its 10th anniversary with a tax-deductible donation today! Please click DONATE on the website www.GoVeganRadio.org.

      GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN is the most important program in mainstream media because it is the only one to advocate for compassion and liberation of animals and an end to speciesism and oppression of all beings. It is the only program offering solutions to poverty, world hunger, disease, war, violence, climate change, deforestation, resource depletion, desertification, energy crises, and the needless suffering and death of countless billions of innocent other-than-human animals.

      Free speech is expensive! Self-syndicating GO VEGAN RADIO must purchase airtime on a weekly basis so that the animals, the children, and the environment can have at least one voice in mainstream commercial media.

      Your donation today supports our 2011 plan for weekly broadcast on KTLK-AM-1150 Los Angeles, GREEN 960 San Francisco, and our debut on KPOJ-AM-620 Portland. We can't do it without you!

      Please click DONATE at www.GoVeganRadio.org

      ...or make checks payable to GO VEGAN RADIO and mail to
      PO Box 475414
      San Francisco, CA 94147

      Advertise your vegan and cruelty-free products -

      Email Bob@...
      or call 818-623-6477

      Welcome and Thanks to new sponsor EcoVegan offering delicious heat and serve cholesterol-free non-gmo entrees - on sale at Whole Foods now... www.EcoVegan.com

      Bay Area broadcast made possible by VEGETARIAN HOUSE, world-class organic vegan gmo-free cuisine in downtown San Jose at 520 East Santa Clara Street... www.VegetarianHouse.us

      ...and by LOVING HUT vegan restaurants - with almost 200 worldwide, the first one in North America
      is in Milpitas at 516 Barber Lane. Stanford students have a LOVING HUT at 165 University Ave, Palo Alto. Visit www.LovingHut.us for a location near you.

      NOW ARCHIVED - Broadcast Date January 23, 2011 -
      the ancient tradition and importance of non-violence, from the perspective of the Jain religion, which gave us the concept of ahimsa, constructed the first animal hospital, and greatly influenced Gandhi. Jina Shah, M.D., a preventive medicine expert, whose reverence for life motivated her career in health care, as well as establishing the website www.VeganJains.com, discusses the ancient precepts teaching us to be non-violent and have compassion for all beings. <<<ALSO>>> If "hate talk" is required to be successful in commercial radio, in what kind of "hate talk" can a vegan show engage? <<<AND>>> Listen for details on Will Tuttle's World Peace Diet facilitator training starting this week

      Thanks to Shirley, Jerrilyn, and Anuj of VEGAN WORLD RADIO, broadcasting on Pacifica's KPFT / Houston, for its beautiful tribute on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN, which they credit for inspiring them to start their vegan show in Texas. You can hear it at www.VeganWorldRadio.org

      Thanks to all the wonderful donors, sponsors, and advertisers whose generosity has made it possible to broadcast for a decade. Please help. Donate! Go Vegan! The animals, the children, and the planet need us more than ever. The show must go on...
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