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  • Colleen A. Patrick-Goudreau/Compassionat
    Hi everyone, It s really great that the Food Network has a link off of their homepage to a section on vegetarianism
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 17, 2005
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      Hi everyone,

      It's really great that the Food Network has a link off of their homepage to a section on vegetarianism http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/lf_hl_vegetarian. They point out the sources of different nutrients and include some recipes.

      However, the irony is not lost that though they're trying to EDUCATE people on eating vegetarian, they include a salmon recipe in their list of "10 Vegetarian Recipes." (Scroll to the bottom.) It's so silly, because even in their description of what a vegetarian is, they include fish: "In the purest sense, a vegetarian diet is a plant-based diet that not only shuns all sources of meat, poultry, and fish but also any foods derived from animals."

      They've obviously just missed the boat on this one - please write to them and ask them to replace the salmon recipe with a truly vegetarian recipe (perhaps even provide your own - and one that "happens" to be vegan).

      I also encourage everyone to cc Joan Salge Blake (salge@...), the nutritionist who supplied the information. I don't know if she recommend the salmon recipe, but her name is credited on that page.

      CONTACT INFO: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/about_us/text/0,1904,FOOD_9777_9310,00.html

      For the animals (and especially the salmon in this case!), :)


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