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Interview with John Robbins and others

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  • Dixie Mahy
    INTERVIEW with JOHN ROBBINS and Others
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2011
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      INTERVIEW with JOHN ROBBINS and Others

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      Dear Friends,
      I hope this message finds you and your loved ones well.  I'm writing to share several free resources that I think you might find valuable and inspiring.


      Wishing you a fulfilling and beautiful new year,


      John Robbins



      The 2011 Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series
      This tele-summit presents an opportunity to receive guidance from 39 of the world's accomplished visionary leaders and conscious business mentors - all for free.


      John Robbins is joined by his friends Marianne Williamson, Van Jones, Julia Butterfly Hill, Lynne Twist, Ocean Robbins, and many other inspiring speakers in this unique global tele-series.  Click here to see the full lineup of speakers


      This program is intended to inspire and empower participants to think bigger, strategize better, and make the contribution they're capable of making. By participating, you will learn how these people came up with brilliant ideas, and against all odds, succeeded at creating products, services, and organizations that are transforming the world.  Click here to get the details and (if you wish) sign up.


      "Conversations", hosted by Michael Stone
      In this thought provoking and inspiring 45 minute interview, John Robbins delves in depth into our collective journey to find sanity and wholeness in a time of seemingly insurmountable challenges.  Topics discussed include:  Responding to our  current economic crises; service and happiness;  the relationship between self reliance and a society's responsibility to help those in need; the media's role in the  erosion of democracy; and how we define success.  Listen or download this podcast now by clicking here.


      John Robbins on A World of Possibilities
      Mark Sommer, the host of the award winning radiio program A World of Possibilities, interviews John Robbins on Transforming Misfortune.  This deeply personal and yet profoundly relevant hour-long interview has been enthusiastically received, opening up themes of money, values, and living a meaningful life.


      New Dimensions Radio
      New Dimensions radio is featuring John Robbins on their worldwide radio broadcasts from January 12 - 18, in a show titled "Living Well On Less Money with John Robbins" that is is hosted by Michael Toms.
      Many of us are finding that we are needing to adjust our way of life. Circumstances such as the downturn of the economy, or being downsized at work are causing many people great anxiety. Others are facing retirement, and find that their retirement fund may have lost a great deal of its value.  How can we live a good life, as our finances lessen? How does one rebuild when they've had everything wiped out mentally, psychologically, and financially. John Robbins suggests, "You find where your strengths are. You find where your assets are. They may not be in your bank account anymore. There may be no asset value in your home, if there ever was. Your assets may not be financial, but you do have assets. Who are your friends? Where are your strengths? What are your gifts? What have you developed in yourself that enables you to give to others, to contribute and be of service? Your revenue will come from your ability to be of service."


      It will be airing between January 12 - 18, 2011 on stations throughout the U.S. and Australia.You can also hear it streaming for free on the New Dimensions website for two weeks beginning January 12th or you can download it for a small fee at any time after January 5th. Go to "Listen" on their website menu for a list of stations that carry "New Dimensions."  It is program #3379.
      John Robbins is the author of The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less, and the just released tenth anniversary edition of The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life And Our World. He is also the author of many other bestsellers, including the classic Diet For A New America.  For more information about John Robbins and his work, and for access to dozens of his articles and posts, click here.

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