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Looking for home for 2 stray cats- very sweet

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  • suziecastle@ymail.com
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2011
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      Please click on above to see photos of 2 precious cats that need a permanent indoor home.  The orange one is the male and is semi-feral.  The gray/brown tabby is female and is super friendly, sweet and craves so much attention.  They have been living on street in Half Moon Bay for 4 years. They are fixed. They live in a storage yard.  They used to belong to someone that moved away.  The male although semi-feral, I strongly believe will come around as he talks to me every time I go to feed them and he sits quite close while he is eating, he just does not want me  to touch him.  I have taken in a feral into my home and she has come around to the point that she sleeps with me now, and this male is more trusting than she is. I would really like for them to find a home together, but more importantly, I want them off the street and in a good home.  Can you help?

      Suzie Castle



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