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FW: FFL.org security alert - PLEASE READ

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  • arlen baden
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 14, 2010

      > Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 05:17:02 +0200
      > To: nyvegan@...
      > From: contact@...
      > Subject: FFL.org security alert - PLEASE READ
      > Dear friend,
      > Over the last few months the FFL.org site has been hacked and recently the hacks have been happening every day. Even after changing the password and deleting bogus files, within a day, the same files and code is appearing on our site causing bogus promotions of pharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, the same has happened with one of our affiliates, FFL Vrindavan. Apparently these attacks are becoming common place with small businesses and non-profit sites and are not noticed until one does a search from Google. The site appears normal, but lurking underneath in the code are redirects and ads.
      > I am urgently appealing to you! If you know of a web security expert that can help us analyse and then repair this hack once and for all, it will be greatly appreciated. Please do what you can to ask around. We are not able to pay the expensive prices that are usually requested by security companies, so we are relying on you, our friend, to ask around to see if someone can do this pro bono or at a very reasonable price for FFL.
      > Treat this matter as extremely urgent.
      > Thank you sincerely,
      > Paul Rodney Turner
      > Director
      > Food for Life Global
      > Paul R. Turner
      > International Director
      > Food for Life
      > FFL Global: http://www.ffl.org
      > Toll Free: 1-(888)-816-6977
      > PO BOX 471
      > Riverdale, NY 10471
      > YOU DESERVE all good things the universe has to offer!
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