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Re: [SFVS] Got extra World Veg Festival postcards? Want to volunteer Double Shifts?

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  • Scott Munson
    suggest we all hand out Veg Fest and Icke Postcards at BLUEGRASS FEST! Saturday Morning through Lunch! ... -- Fun SF events: http://planttrees.org
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 1, 2010
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      suggest we all hand out Veg Fest and Icke Postcards at  BLUEGRASS FEST! Saturday Morning through Lunch!

      On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 8:56 AM, sunny_outdoors <sunny_outdoors@...> wrote:

      If you have extra World VEg Festival Postcards, please bring them to the festival as soon as you can. We can pass them out to people walking in GG park.

      Also if you see a stack with more than 10 postcards at a store, pls bring some back.

      Let's use these postcards efficiently. Extra postcards were ordered, and I hope they are not just sitting around.


      Volunteers are always needed, if you are interested in a double shift, pls signup for the volunteer check-in. Maybe you get 2 big huge vegan cookies....
      Thanks to Deb, the volunteer coordinator and 80+ volunteers, to make event happen.

      My friends will be there, Say hi to Sabina, she used to own Kam's Vegetable Garden in the Mission area. She'll be there sat, maybe helping preparing Living Foods lunch or serving you dinner.

      Fun SF events: http://planttrees.org

      Please help with sale space: FREE ITEMS for your rummage sale: benefit your non profit! scott at planttrees dot org 415 269 7738
      Maybe you just need RENT MONEY. Do you have a sidewalk in a high traffic area? I have FREE stuff to sell if you have space!
      Also need help printing PLANT TREES tshirts: have ink + shirts / screen but no print shop / heater / space to print...

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