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Re: [SFVS] Re: Victim of Shameful VegNews' Attack Article Speaks Up

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      I read the article Supreme Mystery, Mr. Smugar s response letter, and Will Tuttle s remarks.  I don t think the story was a hit piece or unfair.  I ve
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      I read the article Supreme Mystery, Mr. Smugar's response letter, and Will Tuttle's remarks.  I don't think the story was a hit piece or unfair.  I've eaten at the Loving Hut chain of restaurants and enjoyed some meals there, have noted the heavy photo presence of Ching Hai on the walls, questioned the validity of anyone who refers to herself as a Supreme Master, as well as been glad that veganism was finding another way to get into the mainstream.
      Journalism's responsibility is to probe and ask questions.  Not enough questions were asked at the time of the Rev. Jim Jones and People's Temple, and Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh's community as well as any number of other cults or communities that were later exposed to be harmful.  I don't know if Ching Hai is a cult leader or not.  She could choose to answer some questions that still remain, or she can choose silence. 
      I support VegNews and writer Abigail Young on the inquiry that they published.
      Bob Gotch

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      Subject: [SFVS] Re: Victim of Shameful VegNews' Attack Article Speaks Up
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      What VegNews did appears to be underhanded and shameful. Whether or not people choose to follow "cults", they should be honestly dealt with and respected.

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      > lots of people stand up for whacky cults and corporations and chain
      > restaurants :)
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      > On Aug 31, 2010, at 12:49 AM, meatfreeamerica wrote:
      > > Victim of Disgraceful VegNews Attack Article Speaks Up:
      > > http://worldpeacediet.org/smugar.htm
      > > Coming this weekend on GO VEGAN WITH BOB LINDEN
      > > ( www.GoVeganRadio.org ) -
      > > DR WILL TUTTLE expresses his outrage over VegNews' witch-hunt
      > > hatchet-job article attacking Supreme Master Ching Hai and followers
      > > - an incomprehensible low point in "journalism" that hurts the vegan
      > > movement. Please ask VegNews' publishers Joe Connelly and Colleen
      > > Holland to retract and apologize:jconnelly@... colleen@...
      > > GO VEGAN RADIO listener comment line: 315-VEGAN-20
      > >
      > >
      > >

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