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  • turtlespace1
    Hey Mr/Ms Beets! I love beets! Thanks for this beautiful and thoughtful review of Greens. If they have lots of vegan options now, I will go try it out for a
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      Hey Mr/Ms Beets! I love beets!

      Thanks for this beautiful and thoughtful review of Greens.

      If they have lots of vegan options now, I will go try it out for a special occasion / night out with my sweetie! I haven't actually been there to eat in a long time (about 7 years). However, a few months ago, on a Sunday afternoon, we were out walking in the area; got hungry and decided to stop in at Greens; no chance of getting a table, but they had a little "to go" area, and they were serving this most amazing vegan curry over there. It was delicious and enough to tide us over before we walked back home. We had looked at the main restaurant menu and it didn't seem to have much for vegans, but perhaps it's time to give it another try.

      Take care,
      Rachel D.
      San Francisco, CA

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      > I'd only been to Greens once before last Friday and it was several years ago. The meal we had that day didn't inspire to go back.
      > Friday night my partner and I went down to Fort Mason for the Off The Grid weekly showcase of street-food vendors. There was some vegan food to be had, mostly it was whatever meat thing was being prepared but with tofu subbed for the meat. However, the lines were long so we decided to leave and eat elsewhere.
      > I mentioned we could stop in at Greens and have a look at the menu, just to see. The restaurant was full, so I figured we wouldn't be seated without a reservation anyway, but we decided to ask about their vegan options. Both of the hosts were extremely friendly and accommodating. They told us nearly everything on the menu could be made vegan, all the soups are always vegan, and they always have at least two vegan desserts. We were told they had a table in another room, so we decided to go ahead and give it another try. I expected the "other room" would be some charmless, window-less cave for those without reservations. I was delighted when were led into a smaller room with the same wall of windows as the front and taken right over to an intimate table for two right in front of the windows. The sun was setting over the bridge, boats were returning to the marina below, sea lions, and cormorants played below during our entire meal. It was quite lovely. Our server was delightful and all to happy to discuss vegan options and best choices. We started with a wonderful fresh corn and coconut milk soup as well as fresh spring rolls. My partner had a risotto bursting with fresh vegetables. I had mesquite-grilled veggie brochettes with Hodo Soy tofu, chimichurri sauce, and pumpkin seed brown rice. We finished the evening with peach tarts served with raspberry sorbet. We really enjoyed our meal and will definitely go back.
      > If I was able to eat all of my meals at vegan-only establishments, I would. But I can't, so occasionally I'll support Greens and their (new?) efforts to accommodate vegans. If vegans don't support them, then there will be no reason for them to make more vegan food or require their staff to be pleasant and receptive to vegans.
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