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Stand Up to Ringling Bros. in Oakland

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    Leading Protestant theologian, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, taught: “We need a boundless ethics which will include the animals also.” Schweitzer opposed the use
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      Leading Protestant theologian, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, taught: “We need a boundless ethics which will include the animals also.” Schweitzer opposed the use of animals in entertainment. “I never go to a menagerie,” he once wrote, “because I cannot endure the sight of the misery of the captive animals. The exhibiting of trained animals I abhor. What an amount of suffering and cruel punishment the poor creatures have to endure to give a few minutes of pleasure to men devoid of all thought and feeling for them.”

      PETA Bay Area Monthly E-News

      Mark Your CalendarIn just a few short days, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will again bring its sad showcase of animal abuse to Oakland's Oracle Arena. Let's make this visit to the Bay Area the circus's last!

      Please join me on Ringling's opening night next Wednesday, August 11, in what I hope will be the biggest anti-circus protest in Bay Area history. I've attached details on this important demonstration below, and I truly hope that you'll make every effort to attend.

      I've witnessed firsthand how powerful these kinds of protests can be and have heard countless stories about people who've torn up their tickets at demonstrations like this one—sometimes even joining the protest—upon learning of Ringling's heartbreaking abuse.

      PETA campaigners will be in Oakland that evening as well to help make this event the most successful and memorable protest it can possibly be. Even if you've never attended a demonstration before, this is a perfect chance to tell Ringling Bros. that its cruelty will never be tolerated in the Bay Area. Please RSVP below and plan to attend what is sure to be the single most exciting demonstration for animals in our region this year.

      Please join us next Wednesday!


      Scott Anderson
      Scott Anderson
      Senior Vice President for Development
      The PETA Foundation

      Join the Biggest Anti-Circus Protest in Bay Area History!

      For years, PETA has documented Ringling's horrific mistreatment of elephants and other animals who are regularly bound, beaten, and forced to perform "tricks" for audiences throughout North America. PETA's relentless campaigning and undercover investigations have cost the circus major corporate sponsors such as MasterCard and Denny's and resulted in dwindling ticket sales as the public learns more about the animal suffering behind shows like the one coming to Oakland.

      Let's remind Ringling that its cruelty is not welcome in the Bay Area!

      Here are the details of this soon-to-be-historic protest:

      When: Wednesday, August 11, 6:00 p.m.

      Where: Oracle Arena in Oakland (see this map)

      Click here to RSVP directly, or let us know through Facebook that you'll be attending.

      PETA campaigners will be on hand to help organize this demonstration, so even if you've never attended an event like this one, you have nothing to fear. We will be providing signs and other materials in both English and Spanish, so please let us know if you have a preference.

      This e-mail was sent by PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA.
      Disclaimer: PETA is the world's largest animal rights charity. The PETA Foundation provides business support services to PETA and its affiliates. PETA and the Foundation share office space in the Bay Area.
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