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Pesticide/Herbicide/BPA Expert wanted for SC EcoRview TV 8/24

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  • tom harvey
    Hello: I hope this request for assistance isn t too disruptive. I am looking for an expert guest(s) that would be able to join my next Live EcoReview program,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2010
      I hope this request for assistance isn't too disruptive.

      I am looking for an expert guest(s) that would be able to join my next Live EcoReview program, Tuesday August 24th 6:00pm PT on Cable Access TV in Santa Cruz.

      I have hosted and produced the EcoReview for more that 14 years. It is a hour long monthly program that examines environmental issues of import to Santa Cruz County as well as the Monterey and San Jose region and the world at large. The program broadcasts LIVE on the 4th Tuesday of each month and then re-airs every Tuesday and Friday at 6:00pm and 11:00pm PT respectively on Santa Cruz cable access channels 27 and 72 as well as over the Internet (www.communitytv.org).

      CTSCC started streaming the EcoReview on its web site in Jan 2010 and now we have viewers all over the country that watch us via the Internet. Over the last several years the program has received numerous awards for being the Best informational educational program on CTSCC and last year we received the Western Regional Cable Access award for best talk show in the 7 state western alliance.

      I have had scientists, engineers, activists and political leaders on as well as celebrities including Ed Begely Jr and Daryl Hannah. You can view Daryl's episode by clicking here, (http://tinyurl.com/38mr3h8. We generally discuss energy, water, natural resource management and sustainability issues and solutions and would welcome having you on in our part two look at the Gulf cataclysm and water/wildlife impacts.

      On the current program I have Dr. J Nichols (a Marine biologist) and Dr. Chris Pincetiech (an environmental toxicologist) on. They had both just returned from wildlife rescue efforts in the Gulf with some great insights, footage and important news.

      On my next program in Aug I want to cover pesticides and carcinogenic chems that are impacting our water systems including the interest in using Methyl Iodide as a Round-Up replacement, estrogenic toxins and BPA. I am hoping the group may be able to suggest or put me in contact with experts that would be willing to come to Santa Cruz to participate in the program panel.

      Please let me know if anyone has a contact or referral for participation.

      Thank you all for your interest and great work. 

      Tom Harvey.
      I can be reached at 530-257-3533.

      2009 Winner Western Access Video Excellence Award

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