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  • Dixie Mahy
    ... mentions The San Francisco Vegetarian Society & World Veg Festival throughout the magazine ... They are also online: www.openexchange.org and they invite
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 17, 2010

      OPEN EXCHANGE MAGAZINE, July-September Issue, 2010
      mentions The San Francisco Vegetarian Society & World Veg Festival throughout the magazine

      Pick up free copies at Rainbow Coop, Real Foods, Whole Foods & other coffee shops & stores
        They are also online: www.openexchange.org
        and they invite comments and suggestions: openexchange@... 

      Here are the references/ads/or articles
      Front page: John Robbins photo upper left corner with reference to WVF ad p. 13
      WVF ad on p. 13
      WVF listings in Calendars p. 20 & 33
      Interview with Dixie Mahy, SFVS President p. 26 with reference to WVF listing p. 33
      Veg Day Resolution article featuring Dixie Mahy's involvement p. 85 with reference to WVF listing p. 33

      Throughout the issue, they feature interviews & articles searching for the Perfect Diet
      You might want to investigate them and respond since not all of them are favorable to vegetarian/vegan diets
      e.g. "The Herbivore's Enigma" p. 109 and book reviews including "The Vegetarian Myth" also p. 109 and archived
      Also, there wasn't much reference to eco-sustainability of meat diets (including my interview).  I had a lot more to say
      but was limited by the questions given to me and the quick short responses expected in telephone interviews.  Afterwards,
      especially when I see my responses in print, I think of lots of other things I could have/should have said.  Nevertheless, 
      I appreciate OPEN EXCHANGE giving SFVS and me the opportunity to promote our society and WORLD VEG FESTIVAL
      - coming soon - October 2 & 3, 2010.

      Dixie Mahy
      San Francisco Vegetarian Society

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