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Vegetarianism and Osteoporosis, Wed. July 14 at 6 pm--and Vegan Dinner

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  • Dave
    This Wednesday evening at 6 pm, at the Red Victorian, 1665 Haight St., San Francisco, Dr. Ken Howayeck will speak on Practical Issues of Osteoporosis and How
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      This Wednesday evening at 6 pm, at the Red Victorian, 1665 Haight St., San Francisco, Dr. Ken Howayeck will speak on "Practical Issues of Osteoporosis and How They Relates to Today's Vegetarian." Osteoporosis has reached pandemic proportions in the US, and the problem is growing.

      Dr. Howayeck is a Certified Speaker, Foundation for Osteoporosis Research & Education (FORE); Director, 5-Star Testing Service in Alameda, CA; ORTHOFEET Territory Mgr; Professional Foot Products Education/Sales; does Personal Medical and Podiatry Coaching; Board Member Kids On the Move America; Credentialed Teacher, State of Calif.; Volunteer Speaker of the Yr. Award, Amer. Diabetes Assoc., Hawaii Sec.; Authorized instructor, North. Calif. Chapt. of the Amer. Diab. Assoc.; Bd. Certif. Foot and Ankle Surg.; Clinical Asst. Prof. of Surg., Univ. Hawaii Sch. of Medicine; Author of 2 books, "Effective Actions" and "My Foot Is Killing Me!"; Radio Talk Show founder/host, "Foot Notes"; Past Pres., Hawaii Pod. Medical Assoc., Anti-Aging Consultant.

      Dr. Howayeck will also provide bone density scans starting at 5:45 pm on Wednesday. It is an ultrasound test which takes 3 minutes, followed by a printout of test results. This is ordinarily a very expensive test which Dr. Howayeck is offering THIS WEDNESDAY for a nominal fee of only $15.00.

      A superb vegan dinner will be provided along with the presentation. Patricia Allen Koot, NC, Nutrition Consultant, is putting together a delicious menu which is totally health-supporting, totally vegan, made without eggs, dairy, honey or added sugars and prepared without oil.

      This is a five-star presentation, coupled with a five-star vegan dinner. All this, for a minimum donation of $10.00, which covers both the all you can eat dinner and the presentation.

      Don't miss this important event and opportunity. Reserve a place, RSVP to 707-774-1904 or email to: info@....

      David Koot
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