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concerns for human infants fed soy-based formula Fwd: impacts in mice fed genistein-enriched soy formula early in life

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  • Scott Munson
    concerns for human infants fed soy-based formula Fwd: impacts in mice fed genistein-enriched soy formula early in life *Excerpt from the forwarded e-mai of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2010
      concerns for human infants fed soy-based formula Fwd: impacts in mice fed genistein-enriched soy formula early in life

      Excerpt from the forwarded e-mai of research concerning
      soy based baby formula:

      concerns for health effects on human infants fed
      soy-based formula during their early months

      End of excerpt

      Additional to the report in the forwarded e-mail:

      Google search terms;'
      "toxic soy food"  


      Snopes: "Soy Sorry"

      Quote from May 1, 2005:

      "health agencies of New Zealand, Australia, and Great Britain
      have voiced concern about the safety of soy-based infant
      formula for fear that it might spark reproductive or thyroid
      problems in babies in later life. Yet approximately 18 million
      U.S. children have grown up on soy formula since the 1960s"

      End of quote from:

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      From: ted schettler <tschettler@...>
      Date: Wed, Jun 2, 2010 at 6:51 AM
      Subject: [cheintegrativehealth] impacts in mice fed genistein-enriched soy formula early in life
      To: cheintegrativehealth@...

      Newborn mice fed genistein-enriched soy formula during the first five days of life developed abnormalities of the ovary, uterus and thymus gland that were estrogen related and persisted into adulthood. As adults, the mice had fewer reproductive cycles in a month than the untreated mice. The findings show that eating genistein right after birth causes short and long-term changes and raises concerns for health effects on human infants fed soy-based formula during their early months. More...


      Published in Biology of Reproduction

      Acute and Chronic Effects of Oral Genistein Administration in Neonatal Mice


      Soy-based infant formulas are widely used in the U.S. and some other countries. These formulas contain high levels of the estrogenic isoflavone genistein, leading to concern that neonatal genistein exposure could cause acute and/or long-term adverse effects on reproductive and other organs. However, previous work to assess genistein effects in rodent models has not typically replicated the route of delivery and/or serum genistein concentrations reported for soy formula-fed human infants. Our objective was to develop a mouse model that more closely mimics the oral genistein exposure and total serum genistein concentrations observed in soy formula-fed infants. Mouse pups were dosed orally with genistein in a soy formula-corn oil emulsion from postnatal days (PND) 1-5, then effects on reproductive and non-reproductive organs were assessed after dosing and during subsequent development. Neonatal treatment resulted in changes both at the completion of dosing (PND 5) and in adult animals. At PND 5, neonatal genistein treatment caused increased relative uterine weight and down-regulation of progesterone receptor in uterine epithelia. Estrogenic effects of genistein were also seen in the neonatal ovary and thymus, which had an increase in the incidence of multioocyte follicles (MOFs) and a decrease in thymic weight relative to body weight, respectively. The increased incidence of MOFs persisted into adulthood for neonatally treated genistein females, and estrous cycle abnormalities were seen at 6-months of age despite normal fertility in these mice. The immediate and long-term effects in this neonatal animal model raise concerns that high serum concentrations of genistein are estrogenic and could potentially impact the development of human infants fed soy formula.

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