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Marin Raw Food Potluck Jan. 8th - Everyone Welcome!

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  • mjmoser007
    Pot Luck and Speaker Gathering by the Marin Living Foods Community Our Featured Speaker Will Be DR. RICK DINA Dr. Rick Dina, D.C. has been studying and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2005
      Pot Luck and Speaker Gathering by the
      Marin Living Foods Community
      Our Featured Speaker Will Be
      Dr. Rick Dina, D.C. has been studying and practicing optimal vegan
      nutrition for 18 years. He has been a primarily raw food vegan for 17 years.
      After earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in
      Atlanta, GA in 1997, he joined the staff at True North Health Center in Sonoma
      County. In addition to his clinical duties helping patients recover
      from diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases etc., through fasting and
      improved nutrition, he conducted informative and entertaining weekly
      presentations on a variety of pertinent health and nutrition topics.
      In 2001, Dr. Dina moved to Seattle, Washington to teach vegan nutrition
      and the principles of health and natural hygiene at Bastyr University, the
      leading 4-year school for the study of Naturopathic Medicine. He now
      practices nutrition consulting and chiropractic at Vitality Health
      Center of Marin in San Rafael, where he will be joined by his wife Karin, a
      14-year raw food vegan, upon completion of her doctor of chiropractic degree in
      the spring of 2005. Dr. Dina can be reached at 415-472-7070.

      When : On Saturday,
      January 8th, from 6 til 9pm,
      Where: 1 Wellbrock Hts. San Rafael, CA 94903 (directions below)
      Cost: $3 donation and Raw food dish to serve 8 per person

      Please Join Us - Everyone Welcome! 6:00 pm start.
      PLEASE try to be on time. We eat at 6:15 and our speakers generally
      at 7:00

      Please bring a raw food dish of your choice to serve 8 people making
      sure to
      review the guidelines for food below.
      *********** Guidelines for Food ***********
      Please prepare your dishes with raw, organic (at least
      free), vegetarian (vegan - no animal products) ingredients. Nothing
      steamed, baked or otherwise heated above 105 degrees is appropriate for
      potluck. Dehydrated foods and dried fruits are fine as long as they
      been prepared within the temperature guideline above. Tofu and most
      are not raw foods. Please pay attention to what might go into your
      oils, vinegar, spices, salt...is it raw, healthy, etc. Could it be
      later at the potluck by those who want it?
      Some attendees have been on the raw path for 20+ years so we must
      adhere to
      these seemingly strict guidelines. There are some wonderful raw foods
      cookbooks available at the local health food stores for new ideas, or
      can go to www.living-foods.com for lots of great recipes. Beautiful
      greens and veggies presented in a wide variety of (raw) ways are always
      winner. Be creative, enjoy yourself and have fun! If in doubt - leave
      out! Call or email if you need ideas or have questions.
      ******* Plates and Silverware *******
      Please bring your own plate and silverware. Not only is it ecologically
      beneficial, it's a much more pleasing dining experience.
      Directions: Aldersgate Church is in San Rafael, Marin County,
      California. It
      sits on a hill overlooking Kaiser hospital.
      It can be reached by US Highway 101 north of San Francisco, exiting at
      Freitas Parkway just north of the Marin County Civic center, a noted
      Lloyd Wright designed structure. Following Freitas Parkway west, turn
      on Las Gallinas, then right on Nova Albion Way. Turn right again on
      Montecillo, passing Kaiser Hospital. Turn left on Trellis and left
      again at
      the crest of the hill, which is Wellbrock Heights. Follow the street
      the parking area. Map available at www.1wellbrock.org

      If you have questions about food choices, directions, or anything else
      may email or call Hugh at
      (415) 883-5201, <<mailto:vibrantlife4u@...>> or Melissa at
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