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  • goodbryan2000
    From my new book RAW IN TEN MINUTES! http://www.Rawinten.com Enjoy and let me know how you like it!:) Happy New Years! Raweo This version has no transfat or
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2004
      From my new book RAW IN TEN MINUTES!


      Enjoy and let me know how you like it!:) Happy New Years!


      This version has no transfat or artificial anything. We are all
      natural organic beings and it makes no sense to be putting things in
      or on our bodies that are not all natural and organic! More people
      are waking up to this fact and I am more than pleased and honored to
      help make it a truly enjoyable gourmet sweet experience. I know you
      will love this easy delectable childhood favorite treat! People tell
      me they can't get enough of Raweos and love it a lot. Kids really go
      all out for this recipe, the love to make and eat them. Parents like
      it because they know it is low glycemic and sugar so is very well
      balanced. This RAWeo is actually a living food because the nuts are
      soaked so you are getting even more nutritious goodness in each bite!
      A dessert that is actually good for you on many levels. This one also
      travels well.

      8 Servings

      2 Cups soaked Almonds, you can also use and substitute 2 Cups soaked
      Sunflower Seeds if you cannot find or have access to Raw Organic

      2 Cups Water

      5 Tablespoons Carob Powder

      5 Tablespoons Agave

      Nutiva Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


      Small Cookie Cutters

      Put the Almonds and Water into the Blend-Tec Blender and blend
      until the almonds become very small crumb like in size. Pour into
      Cheesecloth over a large mixing bowl. Squeeze all the almond milk you
      can out of the almond pulp and save the pulp. Later you can
      experiment and make them as moist or dry as you like. Save the almond
      milk to drink straight, you can add some agave to sweeten or use it
      in the Oatmeal Cereal Recipe or smoothie recipes. Remember to
      refrigerate leftovers.

      In a medium bowl mix the almond pulp with the carob powder with
      a fork then add the agave and mix with the fork again until evenly
      mixed. Then using your hands you can roll small balls then flatten
      into cookie 2 shapes make sure they are well compacted, spoon desired
      amount of "creamy filling" which is the coconut oil, in between 2 of
      the "cookies" and enjoy. If you live where it is very hot and the
      coconut oil is liquid then you will need to cool it to a solid state.
      You could also blend the coconut oil with some coconut meat to make a
      creamy filling too. What I like to use are cute cookie cutters and
      molds in the shape of hearts and stars. It is easy to press the
      almond carob mix down, add the coconut oil gently press down then add
      more carob almond pulp mix and press down firmly, then gently ease it
      out of the mold or cookie cutter.

      This is such a all natural super food and super nutritious
      dessert/snack because the almonds are alive and living with fully
      activated enzymes, nutrients and vitamins while the coconut oil has
      anti-aging properties and is an all natural high quality oil with so
      many benefits. The super energy really comes through in the super
      taste of this recipe. Can you imagine a sweet decadent snack/treat
      that is actually good for you, helps anti-age and beautify you from
      the inside!? Well now you get to enjoy it and it is real. Kids really
      love it and you are providing them with the best food on the planet.
      Adults totally love these too so make some for your friends and teach
      them all the benefits, they will thank you for it. There is a photo
      on the cover. An innovative organic living super food dessert! This
      is my most popular and requested dessert recipe.

      Macaroni & Cheese

      As far as I know this is the ONLY RAW Vegan Organic Macaroni & Cheese
      Recipe in existence! I had to come up with a fun Raw Organic version
      out of necessity because the cooked version used to be my favorite as
      a kid until I found out about all the artificial colors, chemicals
      and preservatives that went into it! Someday things like that will be
      a distant memory, that is what is so exciting about the RAW Organic
      Cuisine, it is so pure, healthy and decadently all natural. I brought
      this one to a Thanksgiving potluck and it disappeared in an instant!
      It is a great Holiday dish, the presentation and colors are so
      inviting. I hope you enjoy this special creation of mine as it is a
      very popular comfort food, I also wanted to bring out more new
      innovative never before seen Raw Organic Recipes and foods. My
      version looks and tastes cooked and is the creamiest.

      5 Servings

      2 Large Peeled Yams

      "Nacho Cheese" Pine Nut Sauce:

      1 ½ Cup Pine Nuts

      2 Tablespoons Turmeric

      ¼ Cup Olive Oil

      1/3 Cup Water

      ½ Teaspoon Sea Salt

      2 Tablespoons Hawaiian Mellow White Miso for less salty flavor, 3 to
      4 Tablespoons of Miso for stronger Flavor

      Using a Mandolin slicer carefully make as many length wise thin
      slices of Yams after peeling them first. Then stack the slices of
      Yams on top of each other and make a sort of roll so you can
      carefully slice them into small thin macaroni shapes with a knife and
      make them curly. Do this with both Yams then put into a bowl or Pyrex
      glass pan. Drizzle olive oil and squeeze some lemon juice on top.
      Sprinkle some sea salt on top of the yams then mix the yams and make
      sure all the pieces are covered in olive oil then set aside to allow
      it to marinate.

      Make the "Nacho Cheese" Sauce in a blender then pour on top of
      the Yams and mix again until all the pieces are covered in the "Nacho
      Cheese" Pine Nut Sauce. Let sit for 10 minutes so that it can absorb
      the sauce and soften then enjoy! The longer you let it sit the softer
      it gets. I am planning on packaging the "Nacho Cheese" Pine Nut Sauce
      to sell in all the grocery and health food stores so more people can
      have access to RAW Organic goodness! There is a glowing yellow
      photograph of this innovative new recipe in glass Pyrex ware on the
      cover with a pineapple, apple and some melons in the background.
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