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  • Joseph Cadiz
    Potluck & Free Lecture on the Care Tour* with Anthony MarrSaturday, April 10, Appetizers 6:30 p.m.; Dinner 7:00 p.m.; Free Lecture 8:00 p.m.IOA, 3600 Geary
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2010
      Potluck & Free Lecture on the Care Tour* with Anthony Marr

      Saturday, April 10, Appetizers 6:30 p.m.; Dinner 7:00 p.m.; Free Lecture 8:00 p.m.

      IOA, 3600 Geary Boulevard, between Palm & “Arguello, San Francisco

      $1 suggested donation for members & their guests with food

      $2 for non-membrs with food.  Add $8 to each category without food. 

      For more information, 415-273-5481.

      After dinner, Anthony Marr will be speaking about his 7th Compassion for Animals Road expedition, which will take him through 39 states in 7 months.  

       Anthony Marr has a science degree (physics) and is the author of "Omni-Science and the Human Destiny" (2003) and “Homo Sapiens! SAVE YOUR EARTH” (2008). A full-time wildlife preservationist and anti-hunting activist since 1995, he has cleaned up North American Chinatowns of traditional medicines containing endangered species ingredients, been to India 3 times for the Bengal tiger, to Japan twice for the whales and dolphins, fought high profile battles against recreational trophy hunting in N. America and the horrendous seal massacre in Canada, founded the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC), as well as conducted 6 Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE tours) each covering 25-44 U.S. states over 3-7 months. He founded Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) in 1999 and is the leader of HOPE’s Global Emergency Operation (GEO) on climate change and mass extinction.  He has been a key speak at the Animal Right National Conference since 2004.  He is currently on his 7th Compassion for Animals Road expedition.

      *The San Francisco to San Rafael Funeral Motorcade for the Animals will assemble at the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park at 1 p.m.  Media will come at this time to film the vehicle- decorating activities, with TV cameras zooming into slogans on posters and interviewing participants.  Participants are encouraged to make their own posters to emphasize local issues.  At about 1:30 p.m., the procession will pull out of the park, cross the Golden Gate Bridge and head for San Rafael near the office of In Defense of Animals, and proceed towards the IDA office to arrive exactly at 3 p.m., when the media of San Rafael will be waiting.  After a mini media conference, we will return to San Francisco for the SFVS potluck.

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