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Re: GO VEGAN this weekend - Cesar Chavez Parade

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  • turtlespace1
    I visited the CC Parade HQ on Saturday and got to know the organizers. They said it s OK if some people from our group arrive as late as 11:30/11:45 a.m., as
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2010
      I visited the CC Parade HQ on Saturday and got to know the organizers. They said it's OK if some people from our group arrive as late as 11:30/11:45 a.m., as long as I'm there by 11 a.m. Saturday to hold a spot for the VEGETARIAN GROUP. The bigger the group we have, the more visible we will be. And the more fun we will have!

      My cell phone is posted on the evite, so you can use that to find us.


      The parade is a fun event where you can listen to the music, dance, and interact with the crowd if you want. I'm bringing my sound system, and I think Winnie is bringing her bubble machine. We need to get at least 12-15 fun-loving people together to do this! It looks like the route is about 1.5 miles, so it's not far, and it covers FLAT ground. :) We've got 2 banners to carry ... one says "Bay Area Vegetarians" and the other says "San Francisco Vegetarian Society." We'll attach a long strip of paper to each banner that with things like "Join Cesar Chavez, a Great Vegetarian!" etc. We need a big enough group so that some people can walk with the banners, while others can dance around and have fun, and then switch off.

      Please invite your friends and be there to line up with us for the parade. Arrive at Dolores Park between 11:00 and 11:45. In addition to making and bringing a veg-friendly sign, you may want to wear a big hat or a zany outfit to show how much fun it is to be vegetarian, or dress up as fruit, farmer, or whatever strikes your fancy.

      This will be a fun walk through the Mission, my favorite neighborhood ... we'll have music to dance to, and you can bring candy/snacks to throw to the kids. If you're shy about vegan outreach, don't worry. Mostly what we need are lots of people to walk with signs. We only need a couple people willing to hand out flyers.

      Even if you can't come to the parade this Saturday, help us spread the word ... send this link to friends or put up flyers in veg restaurants, to invite others to march with us:


      Other info: One of the parade organizers that I talked to on Saturday said that Cesar Chavez was a macrobiotic vegan. One of the other organizers, who had been working on the parade for a long time, said "Really? I didn't know..." Our presence at the parade can make a big difference, raising awareness about this famous person who should be not only a Famous Civil Rights Leader, but also a Famous Vegetarian.

      Another good thing that happened when I went to the CC Parade HQ ... I helped the graphic designer input the names of the "Endorsers" which were put on the program. So ... when you look at the program, you will see, amidst other businesses ... "BayAreaVeg.org, VeganOutreach.org, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), San Francisco Vegetarian Society (SFVS) ..." !!!

      I hope we can make this an annual tradition, so people won't forget that vegetarianism was a big part of Cesar Chavez' life and
      philosophy, for 25 years.

      Thanks to Dixie, Tom, Winnie, Tammy, Alex, and Mila for your help getting all of this together! Don't forget to RSVP so we have an idea of how many people are coming. The more the merrier, for a mobile vegan/vegetarian party!


      Take care,
      Rachel D.
      San Francisco, CA

      P.S. Thanks for posting this (below)! I speak Spanish and will be at the SFVS/IDA/Love Every Animal booth from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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      > April 4 broadcast:
      <<<and>>> what most people don't know about CESAR CHAVEZ - that he was a vegan, animal rights activist > BOB LINDEN to speak at CESAR CHAVEZ DAY celebration in San Francisco Saturday April 10 - everyone welcome in the parade at noon, Dolores Park (19th & Dolores), so bring pro-vegan, pro-animal rights signs and banners - CESAR CHAVEZ FESTIVAL 1pm - 6pm, 24th street between Treat & Bryant -
      > where BOB is speaking - visit the tables for In Defense of Animals, San Francisco Vegetarian Society, Love Every Animal (whose director, LYZA CHAVEZ, is speaking too)
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