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San Francisco screening of Simply Raw 2nite at the CLASSIC JHC Theater! + More

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  • Michael Bedar
    Hello! * * *Awesome Newsletter today:* TONIGHT: San Francisco Showing of *Simply Raw*Showing
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      Awesome Newsletter today:
      TONIGHT: San Francisco Showing of Simply Raw ShowingCLICK
      Speech at the GSA Federal Building prior to Earth DayClick
      Mineralization Strategies and Sprouting ClassesClick
      Something DifferentClick

      Join us for the San Francisco theatrical premiere of the transformational film documentary, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days, at the landmark San Francisco Screening Room at the Jazz Heritage Center, at 1330 Fillmore (next to Yoshi's Box Office), this evening, March 31at 7 pm. 

      Peter Fitzsimmons, Executive Director of the famed establishment, the Jazz Heritage Center in San Francisco, states: 

      "Diabetes is clearly a killer in our community, and, by showing the 'Simply Raw' film at the Jazz Heritage Center's Media and Education Screening Room, we are in keeping with our mission to preserve our heritage and to 'educate our community' about this particular medical disease."

      According to Jay Randy Gordon, who is the event's co-producer at the JHC tonight:

      Type 2 Diabetes appears to make up about 90% of all Diabetes cases, and it has been on the rise to epidemic proportions. Childhood obesity has clearly been a significant contributing factor to the daunting disease. There is a reason that First Lady Michelle Obama recently won the Nick Kids' Choice "Big Help Award," for her own "Let's Move" campaign to cut down on childhood obesity. In the coming months, Nickelodeon will be running PSA's to encourage kids to 'Stay Active' via its own "Millions On The Move" campaign. Documentary films like ‘SIMPLY RAW,’ serve up why the Raw Food Movement is also a great complement to not only deter obesity, but also to encourage a rounded, healthy lifestyle.
      Join us
      SF Jazz Heritage Center's Media and Education Screening Room
      1330 Fillmore (next to Yoshi's Box Office),
      This evening, March 31, $7 at 7 pm.

      Snapshots from Last Week's A Taste of Simply Raw
      As you know already if you have heard from the people who were there, March 21 was an outstanding, empowering, vibrant day - the First Day of Spring - for the Bay Area's movement of wellness and reversing preventable degenerative disease naturally:

      John Salley, the 4 time NBA Champion, Actor, TV Star, and Wellness Teacher spoke!

      John Salley, the Human Engine Doc Richard Gringeri (who spoke brilliantly), and I bonded in common service!

      The panel with (L-R) Dr. Laura Lyons, Rev. Elouise Oliver, Oshalla, Reggie Bass, Michael Bedar, Floyd Hood, Sebastian Hood, and Sherwin Dunaway moved people's hearts and minds!

      The exhibits offered people a sensate experience surrouding the documentary and talks before and after.  In fact, A Taste of Simply Raw provided exposure to the very best the Bay has to offer in local, susainable, organic food and live food lifestyle to taste, sample, learn about, and just talk!

      ==>  REMINDER - MARCH 31, THIS EVENING, is a screening in San Francisco at the great Jazz Heritage Center Screening Room - a classic venue!   There is room inside for half as many people as who came to A Taste of Simply Raw in Oakland
      So get to 1330 Fillmore (next to Yoshi's box office) early to see the amazing documentary that can transform your life and your loved ones! 
      Check out the buzz on BuzzTracker!
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      This could be big, everyone.   "Big" as in further awakening the hearts and minds of influential official people to  help us create the sustainable and healthy world we are choosing in every moment.

      I will be speaking for 25 minutes at the San Francisco Federal Building's Earth Day Celebration on April 15, and there is a lot possible for you on that day.
      For one, there will be information tables of all kinds of SF/Bay Area sustainable-ecological-healthy living organizations and businesses from 10 am to 2 pm.   To join in and have a free table for your organization (information but no selling), write to Cathy.Jeffries@... ASAP.  Please inform Cathy of your organization and whether you will require dock space or whether you will come in through the main entrance, so that she may advise the security officers and building management.

      What can be big about this, and what I intend to foster together, is an experience of eco-holistic well being for the regional heads of the federal agencies, who are probably going to be there.   I am going to speak on the national, personal, environmental, and economic benefits of choosing organic, whole, sustainably grown fresh food, and the nutritional and cultural paradigm that goes with it.  And I am going to show them the trailer of Simply Raw.

      Live organic catering is being provided by Reggie in the Raw, who Cathy Jeffries met at A Taste of Simply Raw!

      The public is invited.  It is free! 

      We The People, please support me in my talk, and let's give our government of, by, and for the People a taste of the world we create as we live the culture of life lifestyle!
      Thursday, April 15
      10:00 am to 2:00 pm
      GSA 90 Seventh Street

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      Classes with Michael A. Bedar

      Sprouting for Life
      Plus Savory Live Food Salad Dressings and Raw Food Tasting.
      Thurs, April 8
      Finale of the Spring, 2010, Soul Nourishment Class Series. 
      The Circle Center at Origin, 7:30 p.m. 
       17 Bolinas Road, Fairfax, CA

      A class for you to empower yourself in making the step into your nutritional transformation.  The class is Sprouts and Savory Raw Salad Dressings. Live Food Nutrition Teacher from the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Michael A. Bedar, will demonstrate the art of sprouting adzuki, mung, millet, and wheatberries and then invite you to give it a try!

      Next, we'll blend and mix our way to creating a savory raw salad dressing, to your taste and texture, with oils, vegetables, and herbs, drawing from the recipes in the books There Is A Cure for Diabetes and Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. and the Tree of Life Cafe Chefs. We'll all support each other and have a rawlly good time!
      7:30-8:00 - Sprout and Seaweed Salad Hors d'oeuvres and Class Opening 
      8:00-8:45 - Sprouting Instruction
      8:45-9:30 - Live Savory Dressings Instruction
      9:30-10:00 - Wrap Up, Q&A, Enjoy Tasting What We've Prepared, and Closing Circle

      ~ ~ ~

      Alkalinity through Mineralization
      Mineralize Yourself via Your Food for pH Balance
      Tues, April 13

      The mineralization of the body benefits countless biological reactions necessary for human life.  Whether major components of the human organism such as calcium (and 4 others considered "major"), or trace minerals such as silica, zinc and over 70 more, all minerals may be considered to play an equally important role for the reactions they are part of.  How will the body and brain work up to its innate potential without them? 
      Mineralization is also the long-term strategy that buffers the blood's pH in the optimum range of alkalinity.  While alkalinization of the water we drink lifts the body's pH temporarily, without the complete mineral buffer there is a weakness in the body to keep the blood at its optimal pH. 

      If you are interested in having an alkaline physiology and learning a medically recommended way to purify and
      activate water but not ionize it to a high pH, then come and learn about the health and consciousness benefits of a body mineralized with 72+ human-active minerals with Michael Bedar, Tree of Life Certified Live Food and Plant-Based Nutrition Instructor.

      Reap the benefits of alkalinity through mineralization.  As an exciting bonus, we will learn how -- if you have been mineral deficient for some time -- to USE the capabilities of the mineralized human organism that you will begin to see return to you.

      For pre-reading, please enjoy the chapters "Living Water" and "Minerals" in Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens, MD, who is Michael's professor in the Culture of Life Institute/Spiritual Nutrition Master Program at the Tree of Life.

      April 13, 7:00 pm
      Beautiful Marin Location for Sunset
      Please Call to Pre-Register 415-924-7824.
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      And now for something different! 
      East-West Prayer Flags Support Reversing Diabetes Naturally
      Sales from an item that I have designed are being donated to the activities of the Movement to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally. 
      First, Q: Who leads the world in diabetes?  A: The largest sugar consuming populations.  These are the rapidly urbanizing people of Asia who are abruptly leaving their native farmlands, and the industrialized West. 

      We make Eat-West Prayer Flags starting from beautiful, blank prayer flags that we buy from Tibet.  Then we print the Hebrew and Aramaic prayers of the biblical prophets, sages, and Jesus on them. The essence of the prayers -- let us be aware of the sacred in our walk in the world -- is the same in the East and the West . 
      We offer the Hebrew Tibetan Prayer Flags to support our community wellness movement because when we walk and hold space in sacred awareness, we start loving ourselves and changing the way we think, how we treat ourselves, opening the door to our healing.
      Hebrew-Tibetan Prayer Flags also represent that in today's world, holistic healing brings a fusion of Eastern and Western therapeutics and wisdom together.   
      I feel especially poignant in unveiling these today  in the Passover and Easter season.   

      From the man and woman walking on the street to the spiritual leaders of the West and the East, our true nature is honoring creator, creation, the earth, animals, and our own body and soul by having our root in the soil, our hands on fresh, organic soul nourishment, and our heart and minds in the restoring power of love in the present moment! 
      Thank you.  Please learn more about Hebrew-Tibetan Prayer Flags at www.hebrewprayerflags.com
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      See you at tonight's San Francisco Premiere at the JHC!  
      Sent with love from Michael A. Bedar
      Associate Producer, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days
      Community Wellness Organizer of the Movement to Naturally Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Other Preventable Diseases
      4 Birch Way
      San Rafael, CA  94903

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