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URGENT: foster homes needed for S.F. cats ASAP!!

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  • May, Nadine
    Here we go again -- kitten season has officially started. Not that we have anything against kittens (who doesn t love kittens?) - BUT what this means is that,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2010
      Here we go again -- kitten season has officially started. Not that we
      have anything against kittens (who doesn't love kittens?) - BUT what
      this means is that, starting in March/April, adult cats will get
      overlooked. It happens every year and it is unfortunately part of the
      reality of the animal rescue world.

      As many of you know, Give Me Shelter (www.givemesheltersf.org) is the
      main shelter group that rescues cats from Death Row at San Francisco
      Animal Care & Control, cats who have been "declined" by ACC and the San
      Francisco SPCA for either a "medical" reason (for example, the cat has a
      cold) or "behavior" (shyness unfortunately can qualify cats for Death
      Row in this city). GMS evaluates these cats and, if they are thought
      ultimately adoptable, gets them out of ACC alive and puts them in foster
      homes. GMS has an adoption center at a large pet supply store (and will
      be getting a second, similar space in mid-April). As soon as one cat in
      the adoption center is adopted into a good home, another cat can go from
      ACC or from a foster home into the adoption center, soon to find its own
      loving, forever home!

      GiveMeShelter is ONLY able to rescue these cats IF -- and only IF --
      there is a foster home for them to go to. No foster home = no GMS
      rescue, meaning the cat is killed. This week GiveMeShelter has been
      offered 14 cats by Animal Care and Control. Sadly, as of today, all of
      the GMS foster homes are full. What this may mean for these 14 cats is
      obvious. Can YOU help by fostering a cat, or two cats? Each cat
      rescued will have been neutered or spayed, tested for FIV/Felv,
      vaccinated, given flea medication, and microchipped. GMS will pay all
      veterinary expenses (if there are any) and will also provide food and
      litter, if necessary. If you can help, or need more information, please
      call Lana, Director and Founder of Give Me Shelter, at 415/810-7284.

      Of course it goes without saying that many of us "rescue people" cannot
      foster any more animals, but we all know other people who care about
      animals and who might be able to foster OR who would forward this email
      to his or her own email list of animal lovers -- so please, whether or
      not you personally can help, please forward this email to all your
      "animal friends." These cats are counting on you and me and all the
      other good people in the Bay Area who want to save them from Death Row.

      Thank you, everyone!

      Nadine May
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