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FW: India vs USA

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  • arlen baden
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
      > Gandhi said you can judge a country by the way it treats its animals.
      > Some of you may have received the message below by another route.
      > Brian
      > The Indian Constitution states that humans have a 'Duty of Compassion to
      > Animals'. Based on this the following animal protection legislation has
      > been enacted in India:
      > •Dissection of animals is banned in every state for ALL school pupils.
      > •It is illegal to kill a dog for any reason other than extreme trauma or
      > illness.
      > •In the state of Gujarat, owing to a large Jain population the use of
      > animals as laboratory subjects has greatly decreased.
      > •India has banned the export of its indigenous monkey population, which
      > roams freely, since the monkeys would meet with harm in research
      > laboratories.
      > •During the Jain religious holidays slaughterhouses throughout the
      > entire state of Gujarat are shut down.
      > •All elephants have been freed from zoos and circuses and allowed to
      > live out their lives with dignity in sanctuaries.
      > •New Delhi has banned the use of carriage horses.
      > •A retirement home has been established for elderly police horses.
      > •All 'dancing' bears have been liberated and sent to a bear sanctuary in
      > Agra.
      > •There are an estimated 400 million vegetarians in India.
      > In the United States animals are viewed as property before the law:
      > harm done to them is adjudicated according to property law. They are
      > not viewed as living beings with intrinsic rights:
      > •It is virtually impossible for pupils to opt out of dissection in
      > every state.
      > •Six to eight million healthy dogs are put to death simply because they
      > are homeless and ironically this is considered an act of compassion.
      > •In the USA, Europe and Israel the number of animals used as
      > experimental subjects has remained constant, with numerous reports of
      > excessively cruel experiments.
      > •During the religious holidays of Christmas, Easter, Passover and the
      > semi-religious holiday of Thanksgiving the slaughter of every manner of
      > animal increases sharply.
      > •A judge has ruled in favour of The Ringling Brothers Circus, that
      > striking elephants with bullhooks was an appropriate form of discipline.
      > •No major city in the USA has banned the use of carriage horses, where
      > they are exposed to harsh and dangerous working conditions.
      > •In the USA horses and their free-roaming brethren often end up in
      > slaughterhouses.
      > •56 billion animals a year are killed in the USA and the number of
      > vegetarians/vegans is 3-4 million.

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