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Feb - May 2010, Berkeley: Barbara & Susanne's Cooking Classes

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    Barbara and Susanneʼs February to May 2010 Cooking Class Schedule All Classes held at Willard Middle School from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Cooking Classroom.
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      Barbara and Susanneʼs "February to May" 2010 Cooking Class Schedule

      All Classes held at Willard Middle School from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Cooking Classroom.

      Willard Middle School
      2425 Stuart St.
      Berkeley, Ca. 94705

      Sign up and pay $65.00 per class, in advance for all 4 classes and save $10.00 per class
      Sign up for 2-3 classes and pay $70.00 per class, in advance, and save $5.00 per class
      Sign up for individual classes and pay, in advance, $75.00 per class
      Each participant receives copies of all the recipes prepared while in class
      After class enjoy a sit down meal, sharing and enjoying each others company as well as the delicious foods we made

      February 6th
      Back to Basics
      Vegetable Miso Soup
      Golden Rose & Wehani Rice
      Creamy Garbanzo Stew
      Rainbow pressed salad
      Quick Pickle
      CousCous Cake

      March 6th
      Soups, Soups, Glorious
      Quick Miso Soup
      Kombu Dashi
      Winter Squash Soup
      Red Lentil-Burdock Soup
      April 17th
      Awesome Whole Grains
      Polenta Pesto
      Millet Croquettes
      Quinoa Tabouleh
      Brown Rice Porridge
      Dessert with Flaked Oats

      May 15th
      Sumptious Salads
      Garden Fresh Green
      Whole Grain Pasta
      Seasonal Pressed
      3 Bean Salad with Veges
      Fresh Berry Kanten
      For Registration or Inquiries please contact either:
      Barbara Johnston-Brown at: 925-286-1395 or email:bjohnstonbrown@... to register and make payment
      or Susanne Jensen at: 415-661-4764 or email: susannejensen@...

      short bios for Susanne Jensen and Barbara Johnston-Brown, the teachers:

      Susanne Jensen, a native of Denmark, has been teaching macrobiotic cooking in Australia, Europe and the United States for 25 years. She is a graduate of the Kushi Institute in Boston where she taught for years. Susanne was instrumental in the founding of Marty's Natural Foods restaurant in San Francisco as head chef. She has been a cooking instructor for College of Marin, the Macrobiotic Learning Center in Oakland and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. Since 1999 she has been teaching cooking at Willard Middle School in Berkeley, Ca. For the past 9 summers Susanne has been head chef at French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer camp. Susanne is the mother of a beautiful daughter Sophia.

      Barbara Johnston-Brown, a California Native, began her love of cooking at an early age with both grandmothers who always cooked from scratch and with local, fresh ingredients. After 15 years as a Critical Care Nurse she turned to her passion for food and health. Barbara studied and worked as a pastry chef, caterer and home gardener for many years. Expanding her knowledge of disease and healing with eastern philosophy as well as all alternative modalities she traveled the world with her beloved husband Michael for business and pleasure, reinventing wonderful recipes she has sampled along the way. In 2005, Barbara successfully dealt with breast cancer, having lost one sister to the same disease and another sister continuously struggling while utilizing conventional means of treatment for this disease. For several years now Barbara has relied upon a vegan macrobiotic lifestyle, growing her own organic garden while recapturing her robust healthy life and sharing this information to all.
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