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Re: [SFVeg] Fwd: Announcing Activist Showcase February 6th!

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  • melinda hamm
    thank you Nancy. I went to the last activist event and it was great! I plan to be there. Unfortunately, I cannot make this event as I have a prior dinner
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2010
      thank you Nancy. I went to the last activist event and it was great! I plan to be there.
      Unfortunately, I cannot make this event as I have a prior dinner party, birthday celebration for my friend Ted

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      Subject: [SFVeg] Fwd: Announcing Activist Showcase February 6th!
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      From: Nora Kramer <norakramer@gmail. com>
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      Subject: Announcing Activist Showcase February 6th!
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      Hi friends!

      Many of you were at the Activist Showcase we held in the spring at the SF-SPCA, which was a huge success! Thanks to Tiffany and the SPCA, we will be having our next Showcase in a couple weeks.

      Join us Saturday night, February 6th, from 6-9pm, at the SF-SPCA at 243 Alabama @16th St. in the Mission.

      The intention of the evening is to promote all of the amazing work activists in the Bay Area are doing, to build community and greater collaboration among us, and to create an opportunity for people new to the area or to activism to get involved.

      I hope you will come!

      Here's how it will work:

      6-7: Networking and Noshing!
      Meet other activists who care about animal issues -- maybe people who's names you've seen on these email lists but whom you've never met! Or see and reconnect with people you haven't seen since ...?

      7-8: Sharing, Requesting and Inspiring! The Showcase!

      Here's your chance to share about whatever it is you're working on related to animal issues -- or something you'd like to work on. Do you need others' support to accomplish your goals? Not sure what your goals are? Think about it and come prepared to share! Each person who wants to will have just a couple minutes to speak, so think about and perhaps even practice what you will say so you can use your time most effectively.

      8-9: Connect, Collaborate and Create!
      Meet up with people who shared about something you're passionate about, or who are interested in what you shared about, to create plans for next steps.

      We're looking to create a team of people to put this event on this time and ongoingly. We'd especially love help publicizing this week!

      Please contact Josephine Bellaccomo (CC'ed here) at jbellaccomo@ aol.com with questions or if you would like to:
      • Speak at the event to share about your project/group/ issue/idea
      • Help promote -- can you create some flyers? (We have a .jpg of our last one's that could be modified if you know how to do such things...?) Put flyers someone else creates up in some good spots convenient for you? Post on your Facebook? Promote to local media and blogs? Forward to other lists? You name it.
      • Bring food. Vegan, please.
      • Come early to set up
      • Coordinate other volunteers
      I hope you'll use this event as a chance to promote what's most important to you about animal issues, to support other people in their projects, and to see how we can all be more active and effective in making a difference for animals!

      Please help spread the word about this event!

      See you in a couple weeks!


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