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LAST CHANCE TO RESERVE! 11/21 Red Vic/Peaceable Kingdom/Gene Bauston

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  • Paris Harvey
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 18, 2004
      THE RED VICTORIAN BED AND BREAKFAST AND PEACE CENTERIN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE BITEBACK VEGAN SOCIETYpresent-- Tribe of Heart, Ltd.http://www.tribeofheart.org"Serving People and Projectsthat Awaken the Harmony, Wisdom and Joythat Dwell in All Beings."CREATING THE PEACEABLE KINGDOM IN THE 21ST CENTURY:A Great Social Justice Movement in the Making+ - + - + YOU'RE INVITED! + - + - +Please join us on Sunday, November 21st at 3:00 PM for a truly special eventcombining a historic setting, great food, the screening of an award-winningfilm, and a chance to meet one of the founders of a ground-breaking socialjustice movement.+ - + - + THE RED VICTORIAN + - + - +The Red Victorian Bed and Breakfast and Peace Center captures the creativeand joyous energy that characterized the 60's era rebellion againstinjustice, senseless violence, and the status quo. Filled with classicpsychedelic art and featuring a Peace Arts Museum, the Red Vic is a HaightAshbury landmark, a cozy, colorful, friendly
      gathering place for people,ideals and ideas for a better world.http://www.redvic.com + - + - + PEACEABLE KINGDOM: A TRIBE OF HEART DOCUMENTARY + - + - +In this unique setting, we will be exploring the rebirth of this same spiritof change in our own times through viewing Peaceable Kingdom. This 70-minutedocumentary, from the makers of "The Witness," explores the emergingmovement to bring the treatment of farm animals into our social justiceframework. Described by Dr. Jane Goodall as "a masterpiece," the filmreceived a standing ovation from an audience of 900 at San Francisco'sHerbst Theatre in July, and recently won award for "Enriching the HumanSpirit Through Film" at the Ojai Film Festival.http://www.tribeofheart.org+ - + - + GENE BAUSTON, ANIMAL RESCUER/SOCIAL CHANGE ACTIVIST + - + - +After the film, we will enjoy a sumptuous vegan dinner buffet and dessert,as a prelude to a talk by Gene Bauston, one of Peaceable Kingdom's principlesubjects and the co-founder of Farm
      Sanctuary, the nation's largest refugefor abused and neglected farm animals. Gene will share how his involvementin animal advocacy and eventual founding of Farm Sanctuary came out of hisexperience of growing up during Vietnam and the Cold War. Gene will alsoshare his unique vision of how activism on behalf of animals relates to thelarger issue of creating a peaceful world.http://www.farmsanctuary.org+ - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + + - + - + - + - + - +DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS EXCITING EVENT!The Red Victorian B&B (not the Red Vic Theater!)1665 Haight St., San FranciscoSunday November 21, 2004 3:00 PM Reservations required: call 415 864 1978 (limited seating)$16.00 (credit card to hold, but pay at the door)For more information, contact Paris Harvey (925) 788 8296

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      Now look at this...no frills "Meet your Meat" video with Alec Baldwin http://www.meetyourmeat.com/indexvid.asp?video=mym2002

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