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Confirmed: Papalote is a bonafide member of SFVS discounts

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  • Joseph Cadiz
    Happy new year, JC!  Thanks for bringing Dan s email to my attention . . . missed it while I was out on family business over the past 2 weeks.  Hawaii seems
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2010

      Happy new year, JC!  Thanks for bringing Dan's email to my attention . . . missed it while I was out on family business over the past 2 weeks.  Hawaii seems to lack good, inexpensive burritos (probably due to absence of Latino immigrants?) so soon after I got back home the other day, I made a trip to Papalote at Fulton near Masonic for a burrito, showed cashier my SFVS membership card & received the usual 10% discount. 
      My last visit to Papalote at Mission location was sometime in Oct. when I dropped off our WVF postcards & got burrito at 10% discount after showing my SFVS membership card.
      My Papalote contact is owner Miguel Escovedo.
      Dan:  Please confirm that you visited Papalote between 11AM-5PM as provided at http://www.sfvs.org/discounts.php  If yes, I'll follow-up with Miguel. 
      Sometimes due to employee turnover, new managers & staff need to be trained regarding SFVS discounts.  For example, when members contacted me about Cafe Gratitude's Berkeley location failing to honor SFVS discount, I contacted owner Matt Engelhart who then reminded his managers at their weekly meetings . . . unfortunately, Matt later decided to discontinue participation in our SFVS Discount Program in favor of focusing on its own discounted gift cards.  Just before our last WVF, another member contacted us about Millennium failing to honor SFVS discount; JC then dined at Millennium & learned that there was a misunderstanding (Millennium discontinued Vegdining discount, but not SFVS discount).
      See y'all at our SFVS annual meeting!
      SFVS Discount Program Coordinator

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      Hi Carmen,

      Happy New Year to you.  Wishing you happiness, prosperity and good health for a compassionate new year !

      Can you pls check on Papalote as a discount provider as I do not have their filled up form ? See Dan Brook's email below.


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      I went to Papalote (24th at Valencia), and really did enjoy my grilled veggie burrito, but they did not accept my SFVS membership and did not offer the 10% discount. The cashier even called the manager to confirm and said something about not doing it for the past year. I don't know when they started or stopped, but i do know they don't accept it now. We can still eat there, but please take them off the SFVS list. Peace, Dan

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