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Re: [worldvegansociety] Re:UPDATE>>>> URGENT FROM BRAZIL... Please help Bianca Turano.

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  • colin sky
    hello good global ppl....more news from brazil... please help us win this case... it is a global issue... bianca is a leading animal/human activists being
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 8, 2010
      hello good global ppl....more news  from brazil... please help us win this case... it is a global issue... bianca is a leading animal/human activists being scapegoated in brazil... also bianca is a lawyer... so perhaps some global law colleagues can get involved to help her?
      we are one people... united we can be strong... please exuse the huge length this post... to supply the whole view as to understand... below is taken from the web link provided by Juliana...
      this is such a trivial case against one of the world's REAL role-models for a better world... imo.

      sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2010

      Activist accused in court for some of her pro animals acts!

      The activist for the animals rights (human and non-human), Bianca Turano, militant from the Animal liberation movement , is accused in court for some of her pro animals acts.

      Bianca has been witness of a situation of continuous isolation imposed to a female boxer called Shakira. This animal lives in a balcony of 12 square meters, having very few contact with humans, being lonely the most part of her days and nights, demonstrating clear traces of depression and sadness. ( there are even photos and shootings confirming it).

      A neighbour of the Activist has also witnessed all the situation that the little poor was passing by.
      She has even presented a "judicial action" against the owners of Shakira and succeeded getting the provisional ownership of the animal. Later on, the court declined from this decision and the dog returned to the old owners.

      Caring about the destiny and the well-being of Shakira, Bianca send a letter to the boxer's owner showing all her concern . She published the situation to anothers animals rights activists, and joined an open protest for the liberation and happyness of Shakira.

      The process details were now on the newspapers, TV and the finally the Public Court.

      Bianca Turano is now answering two judicial process.

      We're asking help for all of you.

      Right in this moment is vital that the brazilian animal liberation movement receives the support of the main animal liberation groups in the world, due the necessity of proving the dignity of the activists that are saving lives every day.

      Bianca is doing an untiring work along the years, fighting for the end of the animal slavery. She needs your help URGENTLY.






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      george disse...

      hello all... i had the pleasure of knowing and meeting with Bianca Turano in Rio, Brazil 2009.

      Bianca is a wonderful, caring person, it is ludicrous to charge some one for showing kindness and caring for a needlessly suffering creature... i hope the whole world rallies behind Bianca... for a better life for all creatures on earth... please support this brilliant Brazilian woman...

      Is it a crime to care for suffering animals in Brazil? ...If not these charges should be dropped and suitable, humane conditions found for the animal.

      In peace for a kinder world...

      Colin Sky Godfrey.
      New Zealand.

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      SVB Rio

      Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira
      Grupo Rio de Janeiro

      Hi Colin!! We need your help. We need to help Bianca!! Look at this website that we made: http://svbrio.blogspot.com/2010/01/activ ist-accused-in-court-for-some-of.html

      Can you help us? We need popular suport, so we need to send to as many people as we can!!! Here in Brazil we put this message on the media. Do you know anybody outside of Brazil that can do the same?

      We miss you!! Thanks!!!
      Colin, my friend,
      i love you so much...Thank you for all the beautiful things you do for me.
      I'm so nervous because this sad case, but its so good, so comfortable feel the goog vibes from my brothers and sisters.
      I want to see, to feel this movement like one heart, one soul.
      together we are so strong.
      i love planet earth...Oh...I love so much...and is so beautiful enjoy life with you
      one struggle
      one fight
      animal liberation
      human rights
      Bianca Kölling Turano
      Coordenadora do GRUPO-RIO da Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira
      Coordenadora do Departamento Nacional de Ativismo da Sociedade Vegetariana Brasileira

      The Divine Plan.
      col sky^*

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      Sent: Saturday, January 09, 2010 8:33 AM
      Subject: [worldvegansociety] Re: URGENT FROM BRAZIL... Please help Bianca Turano if you can... To the World...


      hello everybody... please can i ask for your help?
      in july i had the wonderful opportunity to attend the 12th International Vegan Festival in Rio, Brazil... where hundreds of vegans from around the world got together to share our plans for a more peaceful humane world.
      i was so honored, as a foreigner, to have Bianca Turano, help me with my stay there... and her wonderful friends...
      Bianca is a tireless animal supporter... absolutely dedicated to the well being of animals... a very kind, gentle, wonderful woman...
      In fact... so good is Bianca... she was honored as animal activist of the year! for Brazil 2009! ! ....and honestly... she is as gentle and as lovely as a vegan lamb!!!
      Now word has come from Brazil... that she is being persecuted in court... and is a victim now herself...
      I am sending this message out to as many caring ppl as i can in the hope some of you will be able to help our dearest friend Bianca Turano in Rio...
      Bianca Turano is one of the finest women on Earth... please help her if you possibly can... or pass it on to some one who can?
      This is my biggest mail out ever. 
      They have one of our gentle leaders... please do all you can to help her... Bianca only wants a peaceful, fair world...
      See below... what else can i/we do to assist with this?
      Good luck Bianca!!! Be strong... All good folk will support you...
      Thanks Victor for bringing this sad new to me... let's hope together... we can help resolve the matter so Bianca can continue her wonderful work for powerless animals...
      Please keep us informed with the progress in this case... thanks...
      The Divine Plan.
      col sky^*

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      Sent: Saturday, January 09, 2010 7:31 AM

      Please write a recommendation letter to the main Animal Liberation activists groups giving support to Bianca Turano due to the accusations in court that she's being victim.
      Miss your messages,

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