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Re: FARM Campaign Update: AR2010, Meatout, FARM Underground

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    Forwarding the message. January 7, 2010 What s New? Check it Out! Save the Date for AR2010 in DC July 15th Get Ready for Meatout s 25th Anniversary FARM
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      Forwarding the message.

      January 7, 2010

      What's New? Check it Out!

      Save the Date for AR2010 in DC July 15th

      Get Ready for Meatout's 25th Anniversary

      FARM Launches a Youth Outreach Program

      Number of Animals Killed for Food Drops!


      Save the Date for AR2010 in DC July 15th

      The Animal Rights 2010 National Conference will be held on July 15-18th at the Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, a Washington DC suburb. The hotel offers highly discounted sleeping rooms, dog beds, superb meeting facilities and a free shuttle service to the Metro transit system and the Washington National Airport.

      This is the same very attractive venue we've used in 2006 and 2008. The building has lots of sunlight, and we have the entire conference level. It adjoins a small lake and a botanical preserve with running trails.

      The 2010 program offers a number of new features, including morning plenaries, hands-on training sessions, reports on the whale wars and other key campaigns, and presentations by prominent leaders of consumer, environmental, and social justice movements.

      Register for AR2010 at half price starting on January 12th!


      Get Ready for Meatout's 25th Anniversary

      Join caring people in all 50 U.S. states and two dozen other countries in the 25th anniversary observance of the Great American Meatout, the world's largest annual grassroots diet education campaign!

      This year's theme is "Eat for Life - Live Vegan!" Activities include leafleting, information tables, exhibits, feed-ins, video screenings, walks, and festivals. Visitors are asked to "kick the meat habit on March 20th (first day of Spring) and explore a healthful nonviolent diet of vegetables, fruits, & grains."

      We provide guidance, display and handout materials, media promotion, and an online Events Directory. You provide a few hours and a lot of heart.

      Visit the Meatout Action Center to find out how you can participate!


      FARM Launches Youth Outreach Program

      FARM has launched FARM Underground, an exciting youth-oriented campaign promoting veganism and inspiring youth activism for farmed animal liberation.

      The campaign is working on 3 projects:

      • * Developing handouts and an interactive website with special appeal to young people
      • * Promoting active high school and college groups, initially in the DC area, then nationwide
      • * Tabling at concerts of vegan bands

      Visit the FARM Underground website to get involved!


      Number of Animals Killed for Food Drops!

      The total number of land animals killed for food in the U.S. in 2008 was down 0.6% from 2007, at 10,279 million, despite a 1% increase in U.S. population, according to data extrapolated from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA/NASS) and Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA/FAS),

      The 10,279 million land animals killed for food in the U.S. in 2008 includes both 9,527 million animals slaughtered as well as an additional 752 million animals, or 7.3%, who died lingering deaths from disease, injury, starvation, suffocation, maceration, or other atrocities of factory farming and animal transport.

      In more personal terms, an average American is responsible for the suffering and death of 34 land animals per year or in excess of 2,500 over a 75 year lifespan.

      None of these figures include aquatic animals, whose deaths are not reported. These numbers are expected to vastly exceed those for land animals.

      For details and additional info, view the full report.

      Some of FARM's Favorite Links

      FARM Heroes

      Here we feature key supporters of FARM and the animal rights movement.

      Alex Hershaft, Ph.D. is founder and president of FARM. During his 30+ years in the movement, he has launched the Great American Meatout, World Farm Animals Day, Sabina Fund, Letters from FARM, the Animal Rights Conferences, and other programs. He was elected to both the Animal Rights and Vegetarian Halls of Fame. He achieved all this after a Ph.D. in chemistry and nearly 30 years in science research and consulting.

      Bryan & Carla Wilson went vegetarian in 1996 at the March for the Animals in DC after seeing a video of pig slaughter. They went vegan a year later and are now the central Florida coordinators for the Animal Rights
      Foundation of Florida. Bryan and Carla organize vegan outreach activities every weekend and get active for FARM's annual campaigns

      About FARM

      FARM,Farm Animal Rights Movement, is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) public-interest group advocating vegan lifestyle and animal rights.

      FARM is supported by donations from caring people like you. Donations support our work directly because we raise our own funds and our overhead is less than 5%. We operate from the nation's capital through a national network of local activists.


      www.FARMUSA.org | 10101 Ashburton Lane | Bethesda, MD 20817


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