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Celebrate Soy Happy Day!

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  • Dixie Mahy
    from Dixie Mahy President San Francisco Vegetarian Society ... from Dixie Mahy President San Francisco Vegetarian Society January 10th is Soy Happy Day ; an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2010


      Dixie Mahy


      San Francisco Vegetarian Society

      January 10th is Soy Happy Day; an annual occasion marked to rejoice in health, good eats and local activism!  Whether you’re a parent concerned about your child getting a nutritious school lunch; a food vendor who would like to increase your vegetarian and vegan options to appeal to a wider customer base; a baseball fan wanting to find veggie dogs at your favorite ballpark; or a grocery shopper who would prefer to find all their healthy fixings in one market, instead of two or three....this day is about you!  

      Start the year by using your voice, your pen, or your computer to share your comments and suggestions with the establishments that call you a customer.  Is something missing from the menu or the inventory that you wish were there?  Do you go elsewhere to get it?  Tell them!  Customer feedback is valuable and sometimes, only one suggestion is all it takes.  Not sure where to start?  Check our page on taking action at: http://soyhappy.org/action_whatcanido.htm

      This year, Soy Happy’s blog will start featuring articles and personal stories from individuals on all sides of the food business, including food manufacturers, sport venue concessionaires, school lunch and garden directors, innovative food formulators, foodservice distributors, restaurant owners, consumer activists, and grocers.  Our direct email alerts (like this one) are being reduced significantly, so be sure to subscribe to our blog and you’ll receive an automatic alert whenever a new article or item is posted there!  Go to our home page and click on “subscribe to our news alerts” on the bottom right hand side of the blog window. Or click on the green icon link on the blog page at http://soyhappy.org/blog/

      May this be the start of veggie great actualizations throughout the year!  Keep us posted with your progress and success stories!

      Happy Soy Happy Day on January 10...and every day! http://soyhappy.org/soyhappyday.htm

      Health & Happiness,

      Soy Happy!

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